Official Videos

Flying On The Ground
07th June 2021
We're On Our Way Now
06th May 2021
Blue Moon Rising
31st January 2020
Wandering Star
30th November 2019
This Is The Place (Official Video
01st October 2019
Black Star Dancing (Official Video)
09th May 2019
'If Love Is The Law' (Official Video)
19th July 2018
It's A Beautiful World (Official Video)
29th January 2018
Holy Mountain (Official Video)
11th October 2017
Lock All The Doors (Official Video)
13th July 2015
Riverman (Official Video)
11th April 2015
Ballad Of The Mighty I (Official Video)
12th January 2015
Do The Damage (Official Video)
25th November 2014
In The Heat Of The Moment (Official video)
24th October 2014
Everybody's On The Run (Official Video)
20th June 2012
Ride The Tiger (Official Video)
27th November 2011
If I Had A Gun... (Official Video)
26th September 2011
AKA... What A Life! (Official Video)
05th September 2011
The Death Of You And Me (Official Video)
25th July 2011