03 Apr 2015

Tales From The Middle Of Nowhere Vol 3: The Good, The Bad and The Bubbly

Tales From The Middle Of Nowhere Vol 3: The Good, The Bad and the Bubbly

So we haven't spoke since I was on my way back to Paris for some TV thing right?
Shit that seems like another era ago now!! When was it? 2 weeks ago? Let's see what I can remember...

The TV show was ok... bit weird... a cooking show as I recall with a few French celebrities (I'm assuming they were celebrities!) sitting around talking about fuck knows what while a French celebrity (chef-again I'm assuming that was the case?) rustled up some food. I think I've done it before? Anyway, I get called on to sit with these people while they talk to me in French about fuck knows what and then I play a tune and we all go home. At one point the chef put in front of me what I can only describe as a boiled egg with a tiny strawberry on the top! I didn't eat it... was I supposed to eat it?
Just outside the train station in Paris a fan gave me a piece of artwork he'd made... lovely thing... it had the wrong lyrics from The Dying Of The Light painted onto canvas!!
Jumped on the Eurostar back to Brussels for another gig at some gaff called Club 69... I say gig, it was actually being broadcast live on the radio and Club 69 it turns out was just a studio in the depths of the radio station. Why was it called Club 69? Probably because it was big enough to hold about 69 fucking people! It was tiny... I used to have a bathroom back in the 90's that held at least 75 people!!! Good show though.
Got the train the following morning back into London. It was good to be home... One's own bed, wife, children, cat etc.
I was home for a week exactly and in that week I managed to do 2 gigs and one video!!
All excellent as I remember (except for the video obviously...not the video itself...just the fact that I had to be in it!)
The first gig was at a place called The Rivoli Ballroom. I have no idea what part of London it was in. I'd never been that far south of the river... bandit country it was or is... Being broadcast at some point on Absolute Radio. Check it out. It was pretty fucking good I think.
The crowd was a bit weird. Beery lads dressed up in that Pretty Green clobber...loads of it!! They must have a sale on eh?
The other show was at The Royal Albert Hall (best venue ever!). What a night!! That place and that crowd has NEVER failed to bring the best out of me. A truly special night.
Saturday night in London? Yes please. Even the soundcheck was great. My 2 lads had a ball on Daddy Pigs drum kit and yelping..."1,2,1,2!!" down my mic'.
That band Future Islands opened up for us... Now THAT guy has got some moves!! Excellent behaviour!
It looked like an older crowd to me but none the less enthusiastic. Easily in the top 5 of the tour so far...but as great as that gig was...the fucking after show?!?!
Holy fucking shitballs what a night!! We smashed it until 5:00am, at which point we were asked to leave. A sterling effort all the same. Needless to say the next 2 days were horrific. Well worth it though.
You currently find me in the great city of Seoul in South Korea where this week I will be mostly doing it Gangnam style.
Keep it livid yeah?



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