Noel Gallagher

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Everybody's On The Run


10.07.12 22:16
Mmmm... Mischa Barton!! beautiful!!
27.06.12 17:44
i'd like u to be the guy who's runnin in underwear :3 jaja... great video...great song... LOL :D
24.06.12 02:25
What?!!! A beautiful, epic song ruined in a low budget trainers commercial. Noel please do not waste time and money on a s... like that. It would have been better if you had shooted the video from a live performance. The only nice thing in that video is that in some parts you are attempting a smile!!! XXX from Argentina
22.06.12 12:57
Whoa didn't see this coming!!! This is so cool, it's a great video!!!
22.06.12 05:08
... but he can't even drive !!! this looks like a sneakers commercial hahaha, i love his smile though 02:08 beautiful!!
20.06.12 19:45
Ha brillant video cant stop smilling when i watch it! Cant wait for the next video! Noel was the best actor in it, as always, he should give Steven Spielberg a call!!
20.06.12 17:18
jejejej Noel...YOU CAN DRIVE??? jajaj Fun :)
20.06.12 17:02
It like Touch, and Noel is bringing the two of them together. Noel a Legend as always. Wonder if hed rather Sarah Gallagher had been chasing after the dress??
20.06.12 15:24
The song is epic. One of the best songs of the last 15 years. IMHO, the video should have been filmed in England.
20.06.12 14:46
How true is the story and the lyrics meaning. LOVE YOU NOEL


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