Noel Gallagher

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Dream On


21.04.12 17:53
love you in the video Noel, your face when the woman knees the lad is priceless!!!
11.03.12 17:05
why can't see here in colombia? we like your music and we want to see you
14.02.12 03:01
R Lass frequently has dreams similar to this and shes always telling me "just one time I'd like to knock you the @#$*! out!" then in a sweet little voice continues "just to see what it'd feel like", "love you" then follows with a tone of sarcasm. hehe.
10.02.12 19:43
Wow cant see here in America...
10.02.12 18:27
Youtube, EMI, GEMA suck! Wanna see it in Germany...
10.02.12 13:54
Amazing!! I love Noel's acting
10.02.12 11:01
Another masterpiece!
10.02.12 10:52
I love it!


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