Noel Gallagher

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14.12.11 16:28
Another amazing song !
03.12.11 23:32
Love the arrangment. Recording this song must be a great day. Love it. Great arrangment.
21.10.11 03:30
My favourite!
12.10.11 12:13
Estupendas canciones, nada que ver con la porqueria que se hace hoy.Por muchos años noel
04.10.11 22:32
Great song..! I love it ..I And come to Argentina..we love you here.. :D
18.09.11 12:04
I have just finished learning the death of you and me on the acoustic you could be right noel it might be my fav song on the album unless you have some other unheard classics cant wait for it to come glidding through my letter box!!!!!!!
19.08.11 14:17
NOEL you are a genius great to have you back..
18.08.11 23:59
Noel Gallagher = Genius!! Loving the Song! Loving all your work! Please come to Newport or Cardiff in South Wales on your tour please!!:)
10.08.11 16:28
I love this song, is great, brilliant! i'm so happy about it. the lyric is also great!


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