Noel Gallagher

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Stop The Clocks


07.06.12 21:55
no, i think oasis demo is way better than this..over produced, i don't like this. the same for I wanna live in a dream...oasis had a greater sound
21.10.11 03:28
It's a kick in the ass to the Oasis demo...a lot much better.
14.10.11 16:15
I love this version better than the leaked oasis demo!
13.10.11 17:26
Come to Brazil, the most beautiful country of Latin America, and the most happy people.
03.10.11 05:54
please come to mexico, please...
24.08.11 17:18
This has been so long coming....I think everyone has heard it... Hopefully totally re-recorded
10.08.11 20:30
A low quality leak can be found on youtube, but we're all waiting for the high quality record! :D this song is great


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