Noel Gallagher

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If I Had A Gun...


15.03.13 16:52
Love this tune! One of the best ever Noel!
04.11.12 18:30
amazing. just amazing
04.05.12 13:52
bella música !
17.03.12 22:12
The video and the music is very good, thank you for a video exelente. Shalom Ubraja♥
19.02.12 21:31
How magical it must be to have someone feel THAT much for you that they put their feelings into such a beautiful song for the whole world to hear. Absolutely gorgoeus song.
03.12.11 23:29
I speak for anyone else by sayng this is an amazing great song. Keep playing it on my car. So so so good. Gets me really. Didnt get this feeling since Slide Away. When you cant stop listening to the song.
25.11.11 11:50
f.......king great tune well done noel brill album u can do yourself dod
02.11.11 16:01
such a beautiful song..
25.10.11 10:01
what a great song the best song on the album
03.09.11 00:30
what a beautiful song!,that's exactly how I feel right now,Noel you're brilliant I love all your lyrics,can't wait to hear the full album.


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