Noel Gallagher

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(I Wanna Live In A Dream In My) Record Machine


16.11.12 17:07
love it and the whole album .
06.02.12 11:13
Cos all the money I waste Is in a matter of taste I wanna piece of the world And you can't make me spit it out amazing song
03.12.11 23:36
I like this version. More than the demo. Its great. Great vocals. When you listen this album, you think... Why Oasis had to put songs like Soldier On or Keep the Dream Alive... My all respect for them, cause are great tunes... but when you hear this songs... UAU!!! You @#$*!in genius. You had them all this time! Love you Noel. Buenos Aires. E. P.D.: Love the solo when it ends. Ahhh
10.11.11 02:02
One of my new favorite songs, but still a little overshadowed by the rest of the amazing album. Amazing tune
01.11.11 18:13
i love that song but death of you and me and aka what a life are better
22.10.11 18:23
For me the best song. It sounds great- The chorus after de instrumental part is exciting!
21.10.11 03:29
I like this's a bit short than the original, but much much better.
13.10.11 02:59
I heard a different version on you tube ... I like the youtube version way better. Plus the video is pretty cool who ever put it together. The official one is a little soft.
13.10.11 01:11
wigwam is as good as champagne supernova
11.09.11 21:00
This is just an amazing tune. I thought I wouldn't hear something as good as champagne supernova. But this just superb


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