Noel Gallagher

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Everybody's On The Run


25.03.12 22:38
Wow, you got a boy crush around here. How awesome are you?
23.01.12 08:17
Noel, I love you...
09.01.12 18:59
Best tune on the record and due to it being the first track, the one that states Noel's intention... Boom! Noel Gallagher the solo artist has landed! Lovely melody, great lyrics, probably the most emotional Noel sung song yet. This better be a single, I really hope this goes to no.1 if it is a single release, it deserves too.
03.12.11 23:25
Great first track. So important to start with something so epic. Great ending. Love that. If there is something Oasis, specially the first 3 albums, were the endings. And this record has that. Great tune. Cheers. From Buenos Aires. E.
23.11.11 08:05
What a beautiful song! The strings is very well too. I found the tears from my eyes!
19.11.11 20:25
Any way we can get the Choir and Strings version? PS: Rock on Noel. I'll see you at the Tabernacle
28.10.11 19:58
Once again Noel's music touches me in a way that no other songwriter ever has. His optimism shines through the epic sonic and lyrical beauty that is Noel Gallagher's gift. I am so grateful for all that you share. Thank you!
27.10.11 18:57
My favourite song on a wonderful album. Thanks Noel, you've done it again. Long live the king!
27.10.11 18:17
2x tickets for sale dublin seated great view right at the front block A 17th february 2012 pm me for details
15.10.11 12:50
What a great song.. OMG... This is great!!


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