Noel Gallagher

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25.03.12 22:35
This video's so feminist.
25.03.12 22:33
La letra hijo de p*ta, bastardo talentoso ♥
03.12.11 23:27
Amazing tune. Remembers me the time I listen to The Girl In The Dirty Shirt. I like this kind of song, was ment to be sing it by the crowd. Cheers. From Buenos Aires. E.
10.11.11 16:37
The @#$*! keeps bithchen!!!!
10.11.11 02:01
Another painfully underrated tune from the chief. Love this track, it's up there with 'Everybody's on the Run' and my personal favorite 'Record Machine'
01.11.11 19:02
I like it !!!!! Good job Noel!!!!!!!
11.10.11 13:07
Good track. I like the dissonance of the intro chords.
02.10.11 07:03
Probably the tune I'm looking forward to the most. Mainly because of how unknown it is to everyone. Besides some of the lyrics like: "Oh me, oh my - I'm runnin' out of batteries" and "Dream on, shout it out to me", we know nothing of this one.


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