Noel Gallagher

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11.04.12 15:30
a.k.a what a top tune!!!!!!
03.12.11 23:41
Best Dancing song of the year. Thats for you @#$*!ing David Guetta. Noel, by the way, never change the line up of your band. What a life Noel!
09.10.11 13:07
quality sorry liam but this blows your stuff out of the water cant wait to hear the ret of the album
12.09.11 12:47
Not too keen on this, maybe its a grower. Love the acoustic version though.
12.09.11 09:05
11.09.11 20:57
Fair does it's something different from the maestro but a good attempt. You can get into it!
07.09.11 01:02
Didn't Noel say he was worried that this song would be too much of a "dance song"? It's epic!
06.09.11 11:21
Haçienda feelings.
05.09.11 22:50
Really, really good song!!!
05.09.11 14:55
This is a choon - can't wait to hear the full version!


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