Noel Gallagher

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AKA... What A Life!
11.09.2011  | Download, 7" & CD  | Running time: 4'24

Produced by Noel Gallagher and David Sardy.


29.05.12 16:53
the guitar playing in this song is amazing,can't stop tapping my foot! The video for this is kinda weird though,and long,like 8 minuits!Loved that Russell Brand was in it though!!...anyway,great song.There's no denying THAT!!!
29.12.11 06:33
16.11.11 14:09
What a life!... What a song!... The real bollucks man.. I love this tune!!!!
14.10.11 00:24
great song !
08.10.11 15:25
Top song. One of my favourite off the album : )
05.10.11 20:06
Adore this! xx
16.09.11 15:05
How can I purchase and download # Let The Lord Shine A Light On Me ?? Its not on Amazon or iTunes. The link the the tracklist on the Store page doesnt work and NONE of the Buy Now links work for the AKA...What a Life single!!!... Why is it so hard to download the music!? AKA...What a Joke!
16.09.11 02:57
Will this single CD be available in the states? I want to buy!
15.09.11 01:01
Is the song coming to the states?
13.09.11 19:47
F*** awsome! Where is the music video?


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