Noel Gallagher

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Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
17.10.2011  | CD, Vinyl, Download

Released through Noel's Sour Mash Records.


Produced by Noel Gallagher and David Sardy.


17.02.14 16:18
Eres el mejor!!!!!!!!!
21.01.14 07:18
Stop stalling on the next album, we've waited more than 2 years already.
08.11.13 00:57
Noel, I have to say, I really loved your album, and I'm looking forward to hear the next one.. you're one of my favorites artists ever, and I really admire you, and hope to see you some day when you come to Venezuela, I know you have lots of fans here, and we would love to see you here.. And, to be honest, this is your best work ever.. Actually, it's a masterpiece, you're a true genius, the album is so amazing. Love from Venezuela (: ♥
05.10.13 08:31
Freaky teeth_one of your best songs till date, Noel!_do come to India_u have no idea how much they love u here!
17.09.13 09:36
If y'r not comfortable being at front i'll do it for ya :->
17.09.13 09:34
Hey Legend, thank you for the heart opening music once again.
07.09.13 04:11
dream on ___ my god , such a magnificent song___so in love with it
21.08.13 15:49
Please come to Venezuela please....
21.08.13 15:48
Noel I love you since I had the use of reason, always bright, always perfect.
18.08.13 23:15
Please come to play to Athens


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