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Yes comrades. So . . . Paraguay? Holy shit-balls what a crazy country!! We'll get to the gig in a bit but first let me take you on a little journey from the hotel to the soundcheck.


A new entry to Noel's tour diary 'Tales From The Middle Of Nowhere (Vol. 2): Return Of The Dread-I' has just been posted at the website's inbox.

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13.05.12 20:37
WHAT A @#$*!ING AWESOMEE CONCERT NOEL! SERIOUSLY! I had never been so happy since I heard you will coming to paraguay :D and I am so glad that you liked our country, you're welcome here anytime! we loved you too, and we hope you come again sometime! :) thanks for comming and made such an amazing conceert.. YOU ROCK NOEL! love yoou! :)
11.05.12 17:05
''a real @#$*!in cow'' only in my real @#$*!in country LOL THANKS A LOT GENIUS!!! I LOVE U since i was 12 years old!!! sing with you DON'T LOOK BACK I ANGER doesn't have a @#$*!in price!! Greetings from Paraguay P.S i was the blonde girl with in your right side with the T-shirt of The Manchester City
11.05.12 09:11
noel ojala vuelvas pronto tu concierto estuvo de puta madre te esperamos !! sos un jodido idolo carajo
11.05.12 05:14
if noel not read this message, but many thanks, a very good concert that I will never forget, I was in the front row when you were singing the song dream on you hit the chest and they made a note on where we were a group of people, without knowing has excited me much, thanks noel heart, hope to see you back some day live, spend your hand and would not know what else to say. Farewell my personal idol life ..
10.05.12 17:30
Thanks for coming to Paraguay.. I hope we can listen to your music soon again.! We┬┤ll be waiting..
10.05.12 15:15
Noel the Paraguay concert was Aweeesoome, your new cd is soooo good!! I've been a fan since definetly maybe, and the new cd it's just a whole new thing, sooooo goood, sooo much talent! You're the greatest!!! Saludos desde paraguay


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