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Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' first ever show in Dublin sold out within minutes of going on sale but and Noel's label Sour Mash Records have got together to make it possible for one lucky fan and a friend from anywhere in the UK or Europe to get to see the show!

To be in with a chance to win the tickets (which include flight and hotel) head on over to the Competitions section of the website HERE!

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' second single 'AKA… What A Life!' is out now!

The single - the second to be taken from the forthcoming eponymous debut album - is available to buy now on download through the following retailers:

Official Store

A digital bundle - which comes with the exclusive b-side 'Let The Lord Shine A Light On Me' + the music video for 'AKA… What A Life!' - will be available to download from October 16th. Pre-order it now from the Official Store HERE!

The single will also be released on 7" and CD, both of which include the exclusive b-side 'Let The Lord Shine A Light On Me', on October 17th. Pre-order them now from the Official Store HERE!


13.10.11 19:39
Hey there, who is the winner?? is me?? Noel let me know!:)
10.10.11 13:38
anyone know when the winner is announced?
09.10.11 14:54
Cant wait to see you in KONCERTSALEN in Copenhagen... THIRD row ... GREAT .. I will be there in my Man City shirt:) Just love your music.. you and your brother are just gifted with talent..Thanks to you for sharing MANY hours with f....great music and lyrics..
07.10.11 21:45
You need to look into that ticket master scam. Tickets for Dublin "Sold Out" (yeah, right) with seconds, yet were on EBay minutes later for €500. Somebody is making a fast buck here - and Ticketmaster should be the first port of call for investigation. What I'd like to know is, how many tickets were actually sold on the release date AFTER 9am, and how many were 'sold' before that?
04.10.11 13:31
is this competition closed?? if so, can't believed i missed out on this oportunity.
03.10.11 09:36
Please i beg you for those tickets in Dublin. I have recently split up from my boyfriend and i am trying to win him back and he would be over the moon if i got these tickets for him. He has been following you since 1993 and he has been all over the world to see you bringing me with him which meant i fell in love with you too. The places include barcelona which he planned our first holiday around the you, Manchester. london, Dublin, Pairc ui chaoimh cork in 1996 and he was first in to see you and many more. Please i bed you i know your an old romantic a heart so please help. I dont need the hotel or flights just the tickets as we live very close to Dublin.
02.10.11 00:26
Quando você virá ao Brasil Noel? Sou sua grande fã, nós brasileiros ficariamos muito felizes com a sua presença. Meu sonho é te ouvir cantando 'If I hand a gun' *-*
29.09.11 00:12
Please, Noel, come back to Spain next summer, on a bigger gig, to play at stadiums. So you can show us your electric talent.
28.09.11 10:02
Hi Noel, You`re coming around Madrid in November, but is sold out... and i've been waiting for so long... can you imagine how dissapointed I am? PLEASE have a new gig!! thanks
28.09.11 03:51
Noel, your mind is so beautiful!!! Love, love, LOVE "If I had a Gun" will always be one of my fav musicians forever....your music has taught me so much about myself and continues to do Gallagher brothers have my heart forever, your story is so much like mine....Me and my sister are coming to see you Boston-NYC-NYC front row the whole way...wouldn't have it any other way!


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