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Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds are playing this year's iTunes Festival on 12th September at London's Roundhouse.


The band are supported by The Soundtrack Of Our Lives and we have tickets to give away to UK fans!


For your chance to win a pair of tickets to this special gig just click HERE! 


13.09.12 00:53
superb gig tonight. dyer wanna be a spaceman? i do as it goes.
12.09.12 11:57
Cheers for the posts guys, was starting to get a bit anxious as I too haven't received any confirmation. See you down there, gonna be a special night
12.09.12 03:55
Dear noel, I really hope that the competition will be fair, because me and my friends spent lot of time trying to get all the votes than we could, so.. our picture finished 2nd and it would be an honour if you 'll choose it. The picture was taken in Cordoba, Argentina. and we all know that you love our country.. we are such a great crowd!! THANKS for the chance of being more close to you.
10.09.12 18:16
Apple are now in the process of sending confirmation emails to competition winners. The email will contain a .pdf file with a barcode to admit you into the venue. Apologies for any confusion this may have caused. Thank you.
10.09.12 17:45
I'm also in exactly the same position. dennylloyd - where can I find the details for customer support please? I just want double confirmation that all is well. I was so excited when I received the email telling me I had won tickets!! I couldn't believe my luck! Initially, it took me a while to work out who I had actually won the tickets through, as I originally thought it was through the iTunes competition. I obviously applied to too many different comps! Well... not too many as I won tickets! YAY
10.09.12 17:24
Dennylloyd - Thank you - your post was very helpful, as it sounds as if I'm in a similar position to lots of other people... Can I just check that everyone else has had the same experience and you don't receive an acknowledgement from the 'I will be attending' email that the notification email directs you to send? It seems like a slightly backwards way to do it, as surely it would be easy to for an auto-reply to be sent to the 'I will be attending' email with ticketing / entry instructions etc!? Anyway, I'm certainly not complaining - as long as I get in, they can send the tickets by carrier pigeon if they wish!! :o)
10.09.12 14:53
I too won tickets and had no confirnation after I replied.So I emailed customer support and here's what they replied. "Hi there - Congratulations on winning a pair of tickets to see Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds at the Roundhouse on Wednesday 12th September. Please print the original email confirming that you have won and bring this with you along with some id. You will be directed to the box office at the Roundhouse where you can collect your tickets. Your name will be held on the Sour Mash guest list". Hope this helps guy's, I know it will if you were as anxious as I was. I kept thinking I hadn't really won it's too good to be true :-)
10.09.12 12:19
vincebrown - good question I received an email last week too and as yet no sign of a ticket! Can anyone there help us out, even if it is to say a mistake has happened which i'm hoping hasn't.....
08.09.12 09:29
Can admin people please help with my question about the Roundhouse tickets???
07.09.12 16:44
Hi! I had an email saying I wonickets and I have replied but had no confirmation. Did you get the email from me???? Cheers!


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