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Now then comrades. Been a while I know. Been busy though innit? So . . . let's go back . . . way back . . . .

A new entry to Noel's tour diary 'Tales From The Middle Of Nowhere (Vol. 2): Return Of The Dread-I' has just been posted at the website's inbox.

Read the rest of the entry at the website's 'Inbox' HERE!


20.09.12 21:45
I enjoyed listening to your demo Freaky Teeth on YouTube. Is there any chance of sticking a bit of harmonica in there somewhere?..... dinna dinna dinna dinna dinna dinna dinna dinna (it's stuck in my head). Great tune! I have a mental image of a high speed chase in a 60s or a 70s action movie with this playing on the radio. I hope you don't mind me throwing a wee suggestion. Safe Journey! :)
17.09.12 15:59
Wembley gig was amazing but could have done without the pint of p*ss the knob in front us threw up in the air which landed on us. Can see how fights start. Maybe its time to go in the seats after 25 years of gigs.
16.09.12 01:21
Saw you at Liverpool AND Nottingham. You're right - Liverpool was mega. Nottingham - organisation crap, but gig was great. I thought you were going to thump the guy who kept ON and ON about his friggin' hat !! So funny but so annoying at the same time LOL. Enjoy the rest of the tour. Will miss you millions. Hope it's not too long before you tour again. It's been emotional. See you somewhere down the road :-)) xx
15.09.12 00:50
Don't forget us ok?, you are so funny jeje..
14.09.12 19:26
I missed watch iTunes Festival because of my PC's problem(It's going on!)...but today I could listen to 2 songs of the show on the radio. They 're like the sunshine for me!! Thank you Noel and I love you
14.09.12 16:19
Your blog (or however you wanna call it) is getting a bit boring, isn't it? Bring your funny stories back, Noel!


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