Noel Gallagher

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The new official trailer for the forthcoming Live DVD - International Magic Live at the O2 - has been launched. Watch it here


13.10.12 16:34
and I'm very sorry I posted too much photos to "festival photo comp",Please don't feel bad!! So, I'm saddened to see trailer's scenes fans waiting outside of the room in Budokan. I attended Q&A session,but after I couldn't join fan meeting...I still can't forget the day when I attended Q&A 23.May!! I didn't get a chance to ask you questions, but I was very happy just to be able to see you!!!
13.10.12 14:39
I look forward to watch your wonderful live! I've already ordered,it will take 2~3 weeks to receive... and I feel incredibly lucky to be chosen as "festival photo comp winners", still I can't believe my 2 photos were selected by "Noel Gallagher", appear in your new DVD booklet!! I'm very honored, I don't know how to express my appreciation!! Thank you so much!!
13.10.12 10:36
My bundle has arrived this morn just finished listening to the demos "awesome" i always love to hear the birth of a song cheers noel & gang!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05.10.12 21:46
Ordered mine can't wait until it comes!!


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