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Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds perform at the Isle Of Wight festival this weekend!  Check out the coverage on Sunday 1800 - 2300 on Sky Arts and Sky 3D.

The full set will also be broadcast on Absolute Radio on Sunday night after the England game - listen online at


29.06.12 10:06
I do not know what is happenning to you and your brother. In fact, I don`t want to know. Becaue maybe it hurts. but I rearly care about you and your brother. Today, I could find something in my mind. So I am writing a very littele letter. Brother Noel, I adomier you so much! and I wish your soul will move all around the world!! Thank you so much for your works. I wish I can see you and talk about music with some beer! 2012.6.29 kayoXXX
28.06.12 21:48
Croke park Dublin amazing and booking tickets for his next gig Marley Park Dublin
27.06.12 11:43
Hi guys, Just to let you know, you can listen back to the WHOLE set until the 24th July here - and we caught him before his set for a chat too - All the best, Tim from Absolute Radio
27.06.12 08:26
noel we loved you at the i.o.w festival.DONT LOOK BACK IN ANGER with thousands of singing fans was our highlight & we were the few who knew some of the words to the high flying birds songs!!!sorry the weather was unkind we would love to see you again on the isle of wight !keep up the good work!
26.06.12 20:39
That was great... but noel, you have to come to colombia :(
25.06.12 14:43
Just caught 4 songs on Palladia (our tv music station in the states) you sounded great MAN !!! See you in Edinburgh in 3 weeks...Frenchie (New Hampshire USA)
25.06.12 12:52
Heard the show last night, after the game...(Gutted we lost!!) Noel, you did a rockin' set, even through battling a nasty cold! You are a true legend!!! Lots of love from old blighty!!!
24.06.12 23:13
Chief was awesome - as usual !! Storming gig Noel. Cheers mate & see you in Liverpool. :-)) xx
24.06.12 19:06
omg love noel at the Isle Of Wight Festival!!
24.06.12 16:15
Don't have Sky but I'm gonna tune into Absolute Radio! Looking forward to it, since I didn't get to go to the Festival! (had a cold anyway, so the weather would'eve made it worse, right?! Tryin' to make myself feel better 'bout not bein' there! It's not workin'!!!)


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Some of Noel’s current listening favourites are here for you to enjoy via Spotify.
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