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NOEL . . . ADOPT ME PLEASE!!!! 08.05.12

Yes comrades . . . so . . . Buenos Aires? Fucking great show. It always is in that place. It never disappoints. Big crowd, about 10,000!! Just like the old days (man)!!


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16.05.12 18:22
Gracias Noel por traer toda tu magia a Bs As!!!! increible show. Genio te esperamos para la proxima!!!
14.05.12 02:18
amazing show in buenos aires!! we really enjoyed it.. you are so talented! Loved your news songs as much as the old ones... LIVE 4 EVER!! ; )
10.05.12 03:09
The show in Paraguay was awesome, I still astonished!!! can't believe I saw you perfomed live!! I just know I'll see you again somehow, somewhere .. I really ♥ you! we will be waiting for you again!!!
10.05.12 02:40
Amazing show yesterday in Paraguay! I was there and LOVED it! U rock Noel!!!!
09.05.12 23:27
no comments about City win over man u Noel? sorry he wasn't there I gues
08.05.12 23:55
Maybe you don´t remember me, maybe you do... I´m that guy who wanted to enter to your van at the airport with British Flag on Sunday. Your custody almost broke my hand after closing van´s door really fast. After that I was at Faena´s hotel as well, waiting you till half past eight and didn´t work out either. And during the gig I raised my flag all time long in order to you see that. I love you Noel....I´m mad for your music and your talent, someday you´ll sign anything mine... Come back soon!!!


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