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Released on 15th October 2012, the new live DVD from Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds filmed at London's O2 arena on 26th February is now available to pre-order.

International Magic Live At The O2 includes more than one and half hours of footage and comes with a bonus disc featuring an acoustic set from Noel live at The Virgin Mobile Mod Club, Toronto, the 'Ride The Tiger' video trilogy and footage from the NME Awards 2012.

The limited edition special edition format is a beautiful bespoke hardback book with a 20-page booklet and wallet, and features a demos CD called 'Faster Than The Speed Of Magic', which includes demos of all the album tracks, B sides and 'Freaky Teeth'.

All formats – standard, blu-ray and special edition – are available with an exclusive Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds world tour t-shirt, which is only available with this DVD.

We're offering everyone who pre-orders the DVD the chance to win a signed, personalised and framed set-list from the same show that the DVD was recorded at. 25 Runners up win a signed artwork print.

Pre-order it here now:


14.09.12 18:14
i found my 2photos in photo competition winners!!! i can't believe my photos were selected by NoelGallagher!!!Thank you sooo much♡♡i can't tell you how happy i am♡♡♡ again,I'm really sorry i posted too much photos,please don't feel bad…i look forward to the release of ''International magic live''!! i have already ordered♡♡
13.09.12 16:22
I found my 2photos in festival photo competition short list ! I'm glad to be selected by NoelGallagher!?unbelievable♡i posted too much,sorry!please don't feel bad..l wish you'll choose any one of my photo…i ordered limited edition dvd+cd+tshirt&bluray set!
12.09.12 03:50
Dear noel, I really hope that the competition will be fair, because me and my friends spent lot of time trying to get all the votes than we could, so.. our picture finished 2nd and it would be an honour if you 'll choose it. The picture was taken in Cordoba, Argentina. and we all know that you love our country.. we are such a great crowd!! THANKS for the chance of being more close to you.
08.09.12 09:28
Can anyone tell me if Freaky Teeth is the theme tune to the new James Bond film only it does have the bond sound to it..... If it's not then Noel should write one.
07.09.12 18:30
The link to enter the competition doesn't work. :(
07.09.12 16:56
Ordered the Blu-Ray but really wanted the limited edition. I don't think it comes that way does it? If it does is there a way to change my order? Just excited to see it really! :0) When is October? :0D
07.09.12 09:15
@cholincastil: You can pre-order by clicking the US flag in the top-right corner of the store page. Thanks.
07.09.12 01:25
Hey guys I need your help, I'm from USA and I want to pre-order but when I go to the link, it just shows UK as a shipping destination, how can I change to USA, can anyone tell me please? Cheers
05.09.12 20:34
Everyone having trouble ordering like meself?Ive just ordered mine from amazon limited ed £15.00 get on it!
05.09.12 20:32
For those of you who are having problems, the details of how to order have been posted in the 'Music' section of the forum (found under the 'Friends' heading of this page). Thanks.


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