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I LOVE THE DENTIST!!!!!!!!! 02.09.12

Comrades . . . had a week off so you'z were the last thing on my mind (no offence!).

A new entry to Noel's tour diary 'Tales From The Middle Of Nowhere (Vol. 2): Return Of The Dread-I' has just been posted at the website's inbox.

Read the rest of the entry at the website's 'Inbox' HERE!


12.09.12 02:40
Dear noel, I really hope that the competition will be fair, because me and my friends spent lot of time trying to get all the votes than we could, so.. our picture finished 2nd and it would be an honour if you 'll choose it. The picture was taken in Cordoba, Argentina. and we all know that you love our country.. we are such a great crowd!! THANKS for the chance of being more close to you.
08.09.12 20:19
good luck to you, man! the dentist loves you too!
06.09.12 22:11
“Love never fails...if there are tongues, they will cease; if there is deep knowledge, it will be done away but when the perfect comes, the partial will be done away”. Then you still with us too.
05.09.12 19:39
Itsy Bitsy Spider went up the Gallagher's guitar neck. Everyone on the Jersey stage had to run like heck!
03.09.12 21:03
Please come to Pittsburgh, PA!
03.09.12 10:21
Gosh, I love going to the dentist - maybe we share the same one 'cos not many people like going to the dentist!!! Can't wait to see Noel tomorrow in Bournemouth. Probably as many old people there as in Jersey!!!
03.09.12 10:12
thank you for coming to Rock en seine!! Of course, to us too, it made us weird!! and yes, 3 years already!! The concert was really great!! My daughter is I were very well placed ... she loved it (you are not his idol ... she is 12 years old ....!!) .... She prefers Oasis ...! ! LOL!
03.09.12 04:52
meeting old people? so you can together wait for the rapture , if it hasn't happen yet.. oh almost forgot, congratulations I mean 'bout the Dentist of course! hehe


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