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Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds new single 'Dream On' is released in the UK through Sour Mash on 12th March (11th march on download). The B-side to the single will be 'Shoot A Hole Into The Sun', the first track to be released from the sessions Noel has recorded with Amorphous Androgynous.

The single will be available to pre-order from next week and will be available on limited edition 12" on heavyweight vinyl, CD and download. All orders until the 18th March of the CD and the 12" via the official store will receive a free set of badges. The 12" is individually numbered exclusively to the store and limited to no more than 3,000 copies. The digital download will also be available as a bundle including the video. Both Noel and Director Mike Bruce rate this video as the best yet, as well as being the most fun to make.

To celebrate the release of the video have a very special competition prize for one lucky winner. Mike produced storyboard books for those working on the video shoot which outline the video shot-by-shot. To win a signed copy of the booklet head on over to the Competition section of the website HERE!

On Monday Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds head out on a tour of the UK and Ireland taking in the following dates:

13/02/12 – MANCHESTER, MEN Arena - SOLD OUT
14/02/12 – ABERDEEN, P&J Arena - SOLD OUT
16/02/12 – BELFAST, Odyssey Arena - GET TICKETS
17/02/12 – DUBLIN, The O2 - SOLD OUT
19/02/12 – SHEFFIELD, Motorpoint Arena - GET TICKETS
23/02/12 – NEWCASTLE, Metro Radio Arena - SOLD OUT
24/02/12 – GLASGOW, SECC Hall 4 - SOLD OUT
26/02/12 – LONDON,The O2 - GET TICKETS

Other dates confirmed for the UK this year:

17/07/12 – EDINBURGH, Edinburgh Castle - SOLD OUT
06/09/12 – LIVERPOOL, Echo Arena - GET TICKETS
09/09/12 – CARDIFF, Motorpoint Arena - GET TICKETS
10/09/12 – NOTTINGHAM, Capital FM Arena - GET TICKETS


13.02.12 10:00
Now I'm pretty sure that the girl in this video is the very same one who was in Quentin Tarantino's 'Deathproof' - which would make sense as she kicks the living sh*t outta Kurt Russell so least she's keeping her roles consistent!
12.02.12 16:59
The video link doesn't work in Germany too. But this is neither racket, nor Noel's fault! It's just a conflict between and GEMA; it's a question of copyright. Maybe there are similar problems in other countries. But don't worry, you can watch the video in excellent HD quality here: :o)
11.02.12 01:01
I'm in the U.S. and I was able to see the video. Try ...
10.02.12 23:26
HEY - make sure you do some promo in Aus and NZ - You are in people's minds at the moment and this is a great track. Release the video to the TV channels and radios out here. This could be a massive hit. NZ NEEDS YOU NOEL!! DOnt just release it in the UK. DO a proper worldwide release like in the old days when your singles were hot on the charts worldwide!
10.02.12 21:27
Argghhh... I can't watch it yet?
10.02.12 18:33
It is still on Youtube here in the U.S. as of noon central time.
10.02.12 14:59
OK...wait...just was not Vevo. =-O Sorry!
10.02.12 14:57
Ummm... I was on YouTube last night and saw the video and I'm in the States. It was the official Vevo account too. Have not checked today (other than mobile which said it was restricted). Loved the video! :)
10.02.12 14:08
U.S. fans were in the video, but we can't see it in the U.S.? Surely, you're joking. We're dying over here! LOL!
10.02.12 13:38
can you tell us why we can't see the video in Greece? aren't we fans? only when we buy we are the so called "best fans"?


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