Noel Gallagher

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This Sunday, 4th March, Absolute Radio are hosting a Noel Gallagher night.  The show features music and conversation with Noel as well as an exclusive stage set recorded at the recent sold out show at London's O2 Arena.

The night will include a documentary on Noel's extensive career as well as a music special where he plays and discusses some of his favourite records.

You can listen to the show, hosted by Absolute's Pete Mitchell, from 7pm GMT HERE.


08.03.12 01:09
Just watched the video - was brilliant!!! Clearly Noel really enjoyed doing the interview. I found it interesting watching a left handed person drink a hot drink right handed!!! Mr. Ambidextrous!!! Also loved that Noel wanted to do it more often and was going all out on saying the radio needs more of a God Given Genius!!! Great interview, Noel at his very best ...... thoughtful, pensive, fun. Noel's so great when he's on a roll!!!!
04.03.12 22:27
what a amazing show,just listened was great!
04.03.12 21:45
I was there and I have to say I was tearful by the end of it... What a brilliant gig.
04.03.12 21:34
What amazing gig..i just listened! THANK YOU TO EXIST NOEL!!!
03.03.12 23:22
Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!
03.03.12 23:20
Noel ,Argentina is desperate for you! Come ,please,please,please!
03.03.12 23:20
Noel ,Argentina is desperate for you! Come ,please,please,please!
03.03.12 10:22
Every night should be Noel Gallagher Night!!
03.03.12 03:41
I'll be listening!
03.03.12 01:15
great! :) much love from El Salvador


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