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Noel is pleased to confirm he will be curating the 2013 Teenage Cancer Trust concerts at the Royal Albert Hall. It's very early days yet, though. Please stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks.


25.11.12 14:03
the cancer is a real @#$*! ............ come on and rock this place......
24.11.12 23:08
Best wishes for this fantastic cause. Hero in music, the man done well. Top bloke
23.11.12 00:32
Ah great! :D Fair play to him!
22.11.12 20:55
Noel, just saw you perform November 1st in Kansas City, Mo. I loved the show and I bought the album right after. The new album is great! We hope you come back soon. :-)
22.11.12 18:07
proud of you Noel, hope you can do well right?!! Good luck, I love you
22.11.12 17:28
Thank you Noel you are the right man to follow on from Roger. I am a volunteer for the Teenage Cance Trust and I have been selling Christmas cards for them in a chuch in Chelsea for the last 3 years. I do one day a week for 13 weeks. You can also buy them from the website
22.11.12 00:29
Que gran persona!!!!! cada día hace que me encante mas, aunque podria ser mi papá. DESEO TANTO TENER ESA ENTRADA :(
21.11.12 21:32
Oh wow - Curator - what a wonderful honour - I'm so happy for Noel - and so happy I'll get to see him on his year off!!!!!
21.11.12 20:14
i wanna go. trying to find and buy tickets but they are not on sale yet!
21.11.12 15:50
It makes me wanna cry... That's so amazing!!! Can't wait


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