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"I thought at the time, and I still think now, that it's a fucking masterpiece." Noel's new interview in Rolling Stone, so who's he talking about?

Catch up with his thoughts on the records of the year and what he's been up to HERE.


24.04.14 00:29
Random question. How do you compose your music on your albums? I've always been curious about it. How do you get an orchestra to play the way you want them to? the choir too where do you start? I'm asking because a few weeks ago I gave my mam a lend of your last album and she absolutely loved it! She hadn't heard your solo work before and she had asked the same question. Cheers!
12.04.14 00:39
Mr Gallagher'll probably hate me for being a right wing tory @#$*! but your music is class.... i;ve made a career of singing wonderwall to my customers i have lebanese and indians singing it in our office good is that that other cultures find meaning in your stuff!! .......thanks for coming to dubai last year ...your high flying birds stuff deserves wider acclaim... never forget you will always find another singer but i hope you and liam can do another tour sometime... oasis is bigger than both of you and you owe it to the fans..... why was champagne supernova only a single in oz? you;ve done so many good tracks its boring in some ways ....anyway thank you for the pleasure you;ve given to me and so many others!!!
07.04.14 02:24
Mr. Gallagher, I think you are a great song writer and singer. Thank you for writing such wonderful songs as Wonderwall Don't Look Back in Anger, etc. I've been a fan for the last twenty years. I never got a chance to see Oasis live, still have your cassette tape of Wonderwall. I wish that your brother Liam would have been a more mature and a humble type person. I'm glad that you have a Mom who really cares about you. She did the best that she could. Considering what you went through n your early life, God gave you a great gift in music. Thank you for sharing it with us. Please come and perform in New York City, at Madison Square Garden or Forest Hills Stadium in Queens NY. The Beatles played at Forest Hills in 1964. Please give us the honor and play there too!!! Thanks and God Bless. pianojoe61 Forest Hills Queens NY
20.03.14 00:39
Ehm, i didn't notice that my username was sooo stupid... got it from a friend
20.03.14 00:38
I bought Definitely Maybe remastered (I don't have enough money to buy the original for $150), and I've been an Oasis/NGHFB fan for 5 years now, saved up to get the money for the record, and so I must get it signed in New York City.
11.03.14 19:25
Come here again, Noel. Cheers from Brazil. :)
02.03.14 15:25
Come to Argentina!!! we're waiting for you!
02.03.14 10:32
Noel, can't wait to hear news about your new album and tour!!
28.02.14 03:55
Noel I need you. Please appears I love you
27.02.14 16:41
They have changed the Oasis website and it now contains everything you ever wanted to know about them plus details of all the new remastered records coming out. Hope they get the forum back up soon


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A few weeks back you may remember we announced a new caption competition here at The winning entry has now been selected...
Due to demand extra tickets have been released for Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' forthcoming gigs in Hamburg and Berlin.
14.12.2011 is pleased to announce that Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds have been confirmed as very special guests at the forthcoming Red Hot Chili Peppers gig at Croke Park in Dublin.
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' Amsterdam Melkweg gig is available to stream for the next month. Check it out here at
02.12.2011 is pleased to announce that Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds have been added to the bill for next year's Isle Of Wight Festival. They are confirmed to play on Sunday 24th June 2012 taking to the main stage before Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band.
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds have announced its third single in the UK will be 'If I Had A Gun…', taken from the number 1 eponymous debut album which was recently certified Platinum. Already a favourite at the gigs the single will be released through Sour Mash Records on 26th December. The track comes with the brand new b-side 'I'd Pick You Every Time' and is released on 7", CD and download.