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You find me back in Japan
23.05.2012 10:13
You find me back in Japan

Yes comrades.


You might have guessed we've had a few days off. Back in London. Very nice it was too.


So . . . where were we? Santiago? Don't remember much about the gig. I'm sure it was stunning.


To be honest I was on cloud 9 after the football. I don't remember much at all. You'll know by now that we (Manchester City) pulled it off. In the most dramatic scenes ever witnessed. What a rollercoaster. We had it, we lost it, we got it back, we lost it again and right at the death we won it.


I went fucking mental and I don't mind telling you I might have lost it for a little bit.


I must have watched it a hundred times since and it's still blowing me away every time.


Anyway . . . oh yeah!! When we got to the gig that night just before we was about to go onstage my tour manager stuck her head round the door and says "the British ambassador is outside and wants to see you!!"


"What for?"


"He wants to congratulate you on Man City winning the league!!"


Fuck me eh?? Manchester City . . . the pride of Great Britain? Who'd have thought . . . .


You find me back in Japan. Got a little tour and a couple of tv things to do. Then a little jib over to Korea (the south . . . obviously . . . as much as I've tried that northern mob have remained immune to my charms . . . cloth eared communist fuckers!) where for the first time ever I will spend my birthday onstage!!!!!! Mad that innit?






17.09.12 20:50
Dont remember Santiago Gig? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? @#$*! off! :P
30.05.12 04:31
Noel como no recuerdas aquel concierto en Santiago fue impresionante yo por las nubes ,estaba claro que no iria lucida pero quede con gusto a poco espero que su próximo recital me deje con el cuerpo en el universo mas allá de las estrellas y esperar por aquel autógrafo suyo que tanto anhelaba , FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!!
29.05.12 05:26
NOEL or DIE! That's funny. Now, Noel, are you freakin kidding me? Your show in Santiago was so much more than stunning. I wish you could remember how crazy it was. We watched Man City's game that morning right outside your hotel and knew you would go absolutely mental on stage later that night. Thank you for visiting Chile, Noel, and next time it would be one thousand times crazier. I promise you you won't forget about us EVER again. I love you, but oh you do know how to @#$*! me off, man. Happy birthday anyway!
25.05.12 21:47
24.05.12 11:35
I was at the gig in Tokyo. It was my 37th birthday, it was amazing. I am living over here teaching Humanities and always play Oasis during lessons! I welled up during 'Don't Look Back in Anger'. Live Forever Noel!
24.05.12 06:36
I just don`t know what I am going to wear! The concert is in 2 days!
24.05.12 04:15
to see you scream your lungs out when agüero scored must have been quite a sight. hope you're doing' fine, missed you over this past week (been eager to read a match and how you felt review). just got back from a Happy Mondays free outstanding gig in buenos aires. it felt like manchester for an hour and a half, plus the mist, it's been raining since the last two days. see you again soon noel!
24.05.12 02:45
South Korea will treat you just right. Be ready GD!
24.05.12 02:14
south korea, i envy u gguys
24.05.12 00:34
Do you really don't remember how amazing crowd we were in Santiago?


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