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You currently find me at LAX
21.04.2012 22:20
You currently find me at LAX



Where were we? San Diego? Strange place. Nice place. Very hot. Not much else to say about it really. It was an in and out job. The gig was a bit . . . a bit . . . a bit . . . I'm searching for a word here and I can't find it . . . a bit meh? That's what you young people say innit? Not earth shattering. Not shit. Just dull. Now that could be due to the crowd seemingly being a visibly older crowd than what we're being used to dunno . . . any way I've said too much we should move on.


Before I forget though I must give a shout out to the girls with the "jesters of malice” sign. It does give me a little chuckle that gear . . . and the Dalai Lama who was in town but sadly never came to the show (miserable little Buddhist monkey man!!!!) . . . anyway ENOUGH!!!!!!


Over-nighted it to Phoenix, Arizona after that. Now that place is fucking HOT,HOT,HOT!!! 95°F . . . lovely. Gig was pretty much the same as the night before. Uneventful in the extreme . . . apart from one fucking guy who kept shouting out at the top of his voice . . . "YOU'VE MADE IT MAN . . . YOU'VE CRACKED AMERICA MAAAAN!!!!" A quick glance up at the smattering of empty seats in the balcony would suggest otherwise I thought . . . but thanks anyway MAAAAN!!!


Legged it double early the next a.m. back to L.A. Iree Nancy, the Mighty I and Bunny Dread are on holiday there see? Had a nice day off at the funfair yesterday. I won a Smurf (not a real one) for the Mighty I by smashing fuck out of some frogs on the head with a mallet (again not real one's).


You currently find me at LAX waiting to board a flight to one of my most favourite places . . . . . . .








09.05.12 10:33
The San Diego gig was excellent, every song a belter and the band had a terrific sound! Yeah, folk weren't ripping up the joint but that's to be expected. I saw Oasis in Murrayfield 2000 or 2001(I'm a Scot) and that was mental and I saw Oasis in 2006 in San Diego and it was fairly similar reaction to the solo, mellow. it's just the location and the manner of the people, they loved your set. As a side note I had a word with your man Scully after the show and had a bit of banter with him. Nice bloke. I was trying to punt my music to him, the usual pish I'm sure! Cheers Colin
04.05.12 01:33
dammit! meant "hear" not here ~ hate that!
03.05.12 23:42
Noel ~ Just now getting a chance to respond to your comments on the San Diego gig ~ which my best friend and I attended. #1 It was FABULOUS to here that you could see how old we all have become, all the way from the stage! Flattering indeed. #2 We (the entire audience) may not have been tearing off our shirts and spitting beer on our mates, but we WERE totally focused on YOU! #3 The gig may have been "dull" from your perspective, but it was honestly one of the best concerts I have ever been to in my life. (and I've seen you (and Oasis) numerous times. The album is AMAZING. The lighting was AMAZING. Your voice sounds better than ever.YOU WERE BRILLIANT. Come back to Orange County, CA sometime soon ~ please. I'll do my part to keep you interested. Love you and thank you for all the years and all the great music.... T.
01.05.12 05:24
So...gus can`t wait? I know is too late... but....did you or didn`t listen to my cd? jajaja. I just so the video online, where you addressed me saying "so, you @#$*!ing made it before me"? Vegas... Well...Would really laugh to get some words out of you! say my cd`s is @#$*!! at least! You probably toss it.... Still thank budddy!! The argentinian you are fan of, specially in flights!! gustavo de lac ruz
01.05.12 04:38
1 - 0 go City!!!! top of the table.... need to win our next two games... come on city we can do it.
01.05.12 00:42
1-0 delighted!!
30.04.12 02:36
See you next sunday in THE MOST INCREDIBLE GIG YOU WOULD EVER GIVE in Buenos Aires ... Please keep in mind COLOMBIA,you have a lot of fans there!
29.04.12 00:32
Noel! Im a Brit living in Colombia, South America. I've been a fan since the begining mate. Its a bit of an ask just to come to Colombia , just for me, but please think about it. Bogota and Medellin are great cities , and you have PLENTY of fans here mate. There are a couple of good venues. Look forward to seeing you soon in this amazing country!!! Ta.
28.04.12 19:17
Noel open up another gig in Buenos Aires please!!! There are so many people who want to see you!!! Love you!!!
27.04.12 16:47
You need to open up another gig in Scotland Noel! They're all sold out and I so badly want to see you! Anyway, keep up the amazing work you utter legend! :)


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