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'Why do English people insist on doing that?? It's embarrassing...'
06.12.2011 13:40
'Why do English people insist on doing that?? It's embarrassing...'

So… Cologne? Yes, it was good. Cold, wet and windy, as usual.

Mega news came through during the soundcheck. City and United have been drawn together in the FA cup!!! And more importantly I think I'm gonna be around!!! Bring it the fuck on.

The gig was a big 'un, relatively speaking. 4000 people. Great vibe… (man). Only spoiled by a few drunken English c**ts asserting their Englishness down the front. Why do English people insist on doing that?? It's embarrassing… No wonder everyone hates them.

Top night all the same.

Arrived in Paris yesterday morning at about 7am!! It was still dark getting off the bus. Grim as fuck… and I'm staying in the same hotel as I was the last time I was here for a gig. (Y'know… when the "incident" occurred?) It brought back some heavy memories (man).

The day off was good though. Had a bit of a wander round. Not heading anywhere in particular. Got lost. I liked it.

Gotta go… I'm running out of change.

In a bit.



31.05.12 03:13
Good man Noel !!!!, Irish and proud boyo !!!!!!
19.02.12 22:03
Come to Perth Scotland and play the Concert Hall Noel. Its perfect for you and obviously me as i live their. If u do make sure u reserve a ticket for me lol. Been to see you loads. U r amazing. Cant wait for next album.
14.12.11 23:46
Yes, Unfortunately that´s what many of them do when they come over here to(Hamburg) Germany to one of your gigs. Drunk, agressiveness, pushing people around up front. Why ?Take a Trip or something & Peace-out! They used to do it at the Oasis gigs alot. I think they are in a Johnny Rotten Phase still maybe? Noel if you see it happening, please ask them to stop! A few bad apples spoil the bunch. Peace Brother
10.12.11 06:02
Noel, come to Argentina please!! I'm waiting for you!! ahaha. I love you!!!!
10.12.11 04:27
Qinthara_Alif// 'GD' means 'General Dread', Noel's Nickname. however I Think so your opinion, too :)
10.12.11 04:23
"The Plum" hotel where the "plum throw the plum" have top xmas Noel !
10.12.11 03:27
"GD" is the short of "GOD"?
10.12.11 02:02
were you just quoting "The Fly" there at the end? Nice one
10.12.11 01:15
come to brazil, noel
09.12.11 20:54
Bloody people from Ingulund Noel hahaha Cannae wait tae see ye in bonnie Scotland next year !! cmon the hoops & man city


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