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'Who said rock'n'roll was dead?'
03.12.2011 12:00
'Who said rock'n'roll was dead?'


So… Brussels? Nothing to report, really. Gig was a bit livelier than usual. It rained. I had a great nights sleep… and that's about it.

I'm in Copenhagen. It's raining. And I've just had a great nights sleep.

Who said rock'n'roll was dead? The guy what just delivered my breakfast!! (He didn't really.)

In a bit.



05.02.12 15:41
The Who said "Long Live Rock Be It Dead or Alive!" Love and kisses, Noel!
05.12.11 23:15
charlie dad, how incredible! my girls met him and couldn't even speak. i could barely utter a sentence in the presence of The Man myself. good for charlie!!
04.12.11 23:56
I'm little Charlie's dad. Awesome gig. Charlie kept on saying "ask him if he will shake my hand" so I stuck him on stage in between songs. he loved it and will remember it forever.
04.12.11 20:25
weihlsbach// Right, I'm the one who told him to play Angel Child. One hell of a song that. I would have been unreal if he actually had played it.
04.12.11 16:58
I envy the people of Copenhagen! I wanna see Noel, directly. Not photo noel X( So, come to South Korea! We need you :)
04.12.11 15:01
It was freaking epic last night.. Im so high on rock'n'roll... oh.. and by the way... pls listen to the song called Angel Child, by you OFC... its amazing... How can you forget that? The Beatles did a little more than 8 studioalbums.. *hint*.. ;) -Mille
04.12.11 14:26
Copenhagen gig was freaking amazing! I @#$*!ing love u!!
04.12.11 12:54
Great gig in Brussels !! i enjoyed every second of it !! and thanks for signing my cd at arrival !! and to the German girl who took a picture of Noel signing with me (old man ha ha) in the background !! please mail me the picture :)
04.12.11 03:28
Holy @#$*! Man City, 5-1! TEAR IT UP !
04.12.11 03:11
A few months ago, what I tried to do was pray to all those people, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrisson, John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, even like Jesus and the angels and all those other people who are dead to help me make rock music and save the world. I mean there are Gods of rock out there so I pray they will help.


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