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'They were the kind of crowd you would love to take round the world with you.'
17.02.2012 12:00
'They were the kind of crowd you would love to take round the world with you.'


Well, where were we? Aberdeen? Let's start there then, shall we?

A great night, I think. Feeling much more at home now up on the big stage. Think the actual size of the Manchester gig may have freaked me out there for a while!!

Good singers, that lot up in Aberdeen. Not much happening post show though. Legged it sharpish. Had to be up early the next day to travel to Belfast. A day of pure fuckin' mither! Why is it that you travel the entire surface of the globe… Back and forth and up and down all over the place and everything seems to run like clockwork yet you get back home and all you encounter is delay after delay after cancellation?? Why is that? It's a fuckin' shithole nightmare, that's why!!!!

Arrived in the great city of Belfast in the dark and the wet. Not much time to do anything other than order what could only be described as a bit of psychedelic room service. Chicken Maryland anyone? No… me neither. This dish (Chicken Maryland) consisted of some kind of chicken, whether it was fried or not is still not apparent, BUT it came with a banana (which was most definitely fried!). That's right, a fried banana AND a fried pineapple!!!! Now I'm no chef, but fuck me that can't be right, can it? That top Michelin star psycho Gordon Ramsay would have garrotted whoever came up with that masterpiece… Sorry? But what did it taste like, you ask?? Absolutely delicious!! It didn't even touch the sides.

So… To the gig in Belfast. A great, great night. Right up there with the best. They were the kind of crowd you would love to take round the world with you. Loud and proud. Young kids too. Very special. My keyboard player (who shall remain nameless) had the gig of his life. If you were there you'll know what I mean… Think Rick Wakeman mid-stroke!!

You currently find me in Dublin. Say no more. Tonight will be another great, great night. No doubt.




22.09.12 23:02
ats because i was at Aberdeen Noel u just heard me singing lad will have to meet u exchange a few bits and bobs!!!!
08.05.12 13:27
You looking at me for those few seconds will stick with me for the rest of my life as a beautiful precious memory. Aberdeen was wonderful, you are even more wonderful Godlike. Much love Nigel from North Wales AKA..Come to North Wales!
09.03.12 20:30
Did you hear the drunk @#$*! keep asking where,s Liam
09.03.12 20:30
Did you hear the drunk @#$*! keep asking where,s Liam
26.02.12 21:30
Was at the First Gig down in the Olympia in October, was at the Belfast gig last week and will see the chief again when he is playing Croke with the RHCP!!! Have to say the two gigs I have been to so far have been electric!! Roll on June, and let's be having more gigs in Belfast lad
24.02.12 08:58
fried banananas are yum
21.02.12 23:55
Belfast was a great night, Noel on top top form and the band seemed to really enjoy it as well, was right at the front and enjoyed every second. To pick a highlight is hard but the crowd went up a notch for Little By Little, amazing gig! Oh and if anyone called Breda McCabe is on here and wants her ticket, it was given to me on my way out (name printed on it lol) so let me know and I'll send it to ya
21.02.12 23:14
So did Rowe get the sack then? lol
21.02.12 21:01
lol @ the keyboard player having the gig of his life. was an amazing gig was 2nd row from the stage loved it
21.02.12 17:19
I was at the gig in Belfast. It was the best gig I've ever been to. Outstanding.


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