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'There was a LOT of love in the room, mostly coming from grown men...'
06.11.2011 23:00
'There was a LOT of love in the room, mostly coming from grown men...'

Yes comrades.

We cool? Good.

The flight was very uneventful. I guess that's how you want them though, eh?

Seen that Gordon Ramsay fella at Heathrow. You know that guy? Celebrity chef? He's convinced "Fresh local ingredients" can save the world!! Don't know why that's interesting, or why I'm even telling you, but there you go.

Toronto is freeeeeeezing as usual. I did a special little acoustic show last night. Only about 200 people. There was a LOT of love in the room mostly coming from grown men, I have to say, which always makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. It was a good laugh though.

City won again yesterday AND, as luck would have it, it was live on TV!!!!!!! I'm starting to believe now.

Done nothing today. There's nothing to do. Literally nothing.

Got 2 shows coming up at Massey Hall and if last night is anything to go by they should be great.

I'm currently being a sloth watching some NFL game or other. I quite like American Football. Not quite sure why. I recall being hooked one night in the '80s while I was tripping!!! Think it might've been the colours. And before you ask, no I don't have a favourite team or player. I don't know anything about it other than the rules and the fact that it's mega when you're tripping - which I'm not at the moment, by the way!!!!

In a bit.



23.11.11 02:58
Please Noel, for the love of god, come to Canada. I cannot afford to go to the states. I'm an English guy who lives in this Canadian place called Regina!! Chances of you coming here are slim but perhaps Canada.
21.11.11 20:00
Does Noel ever reply here?
20.11.11 15:39
Bought my 4 year old, Lyla, to the first Massey Hall show and it was great. We both had a great time and her only disapointment was that Noel "didn't play her song". Though I tried telling her that it was Noel's brother who generally sings that she was having none of it and just wanted to hear her song.
19.11.11 02:01
Dear ASERETH005- You still have those tix? If so, I'm a mega-NG fan who can't afford those Orpheum, Pete
16.11.11 19:28
Gordon Ramsey is a right tit. The way he yells at people on his show? He needs to sort out his issues. Public humiliation TV, that is. Shame we love it here enough to keep it on the air. I can't watch it, my husband loves it. All I ever hear coming from the other room is "WHERE'S MY @#$*!ING RISOTTO?!?!" it always comes down to the risotto and the Beef Wellington, whatever both of those are. Hard to buy his "fresh ingredients" line , while he's busting a blood vessel screaming and spitting at you through the telly. Ginger Scotch Bastard. Serious.
12.11.11 02:33
American football, huh? Cool! Luv it, too, not quite for the same reasons but I do
12.11.11 00:04
Thanks Noel for two great gigs. I was calling out for Sad Song but you acquiesed.
09.11.11 21:04
AWESOME show last night...the vibe in Massey Hall was need to come back more often....maybe just not in November when its cold!
09.11.11 04:47
Noel, we got club seats for the BUCCANEERS! Come for a game. plus some of the best mushrooms in the world! NFL & MUSHROOMS #1.
09.11.11 01:58
Hey Noel. May I suggest you adopt the newly resurgent Detroit Lions as your team to root for. We have been the dormat of the league for decades, have not won a championship since 1957, but are now on the good foot, 6-2 at the moment. Plus whats cooler than the motor city? Keep on rocking.


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