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'The whole shouting match took well over an hour...'
03.02.2012 15:42
'The whole shouting match took well over an hour...'


I is in Adelaide. Not been up to this neck of the bush for a long time.

Felt a bit rough yesterday, dodgy Chinese before I left the hotel in Melbourne.

Have a guess who I bumped into in the lift yesterday? Go on... You'll never guess. One half of an 80s yacht rock duo... No? Well, it was one of Hall & Oates!! Not sure if it was Hall or Oates... It was the little fella with the moustache! Which one's he? Fucked if I know!!

At the airport we had a full on heated debate about one's favourite chocolate bar. What started off with an innocent observation about how your traditional chocolate bar over here is slightly different to back home turned into a full on finger jabbing swear-fest!! The debate centred around the premise of being in the local newsagents just buying a paper and if you had to choose one bar (or bag of) chocolate which one would you go for? That led to people pulling up chocolate from years gone by AND short-lived classics. (Cadbury's 'Spira' anyone?) The whole shouting match took well over an hour... Pity chocolate doesn't last that long!!

Arrived in Adelaide still arguing. Caught a splendid run of 80s American action show cheese this morning. Get on this, they came one after another...

THE DUKES OF HAZZARD!! (Boss Hogg? Remember him?)
Magnum!! (Higgins? Remember him?)
KNIGHT RIDER!! (That car? Remember that car? Looks pony now!!)
And THE A-TEAM!! (Absolute dog shit.)

What a bill of Yankee Doodle cheese! Magnum was my favourite... That brown and yellow striped helicopter is mint!!

Just got back from being out... Not a great deal happening here although I did see a child magician in action, some of the WORST busking ever and a poster for an Ozzy Osbourne tribute act. His name? AUSSIE OSBOURNE!! Priceless.




14.02.12 18:40
..oh and that was John Oats you bumped into. I used to carry around my H2O album everywhere I went just in case there was a record player...I loved that album when I was a kid!
14.02.12 18:39
Being just a couple of years younger than you, I remember all of those shows well. Dukes of Hazard was always my favorite!
11.02.12 15:03
11.02.12 10:31
Hmm, the link didn't work. Just type Cadbury's Spira in Google anyway. It's the second link.
11.02.12 10:30
Should Noel be interested in a Cadbury's Spira, I've found them for sale here - ... chocolate bar has gotta be a Twix though.
11.02.12 05:06
hey Noel hire boss hog as your manager rosco as your security and flash too!
09.02.12 15:43
Haha Brilliant. Thats one hell of a day!


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