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'The girls back home have spoken, and they're speaking the language of lust.'
08.11.2011 15:30
'The girls back home have spoken, and they're speaking the language of lust.'

Yes comrades.

Y'know, life can be a wonderful thing... Full of ups and downs. Twists and turns. Ins and outs and roundabouts. For long periods life can be mundane (not mine… mine's fuckin' mental!!!). And the further you get along the road of life, the more you've experienced, the less there is to experience… or so I thought!!

I have been woken with the news that for the 2nd week running I sit proudly at the top of GRAZIA magazine's column of lust!!!! Number fuckin' one, baby!!!!!!

Seriously Coldplay, you might be selling records by the skip-load and think that you're operating in some kind of musical CD-selling "Para, para, paradise", but the girls back home have spoken, and they're speaking the language of lust.

My blimmin' albums don't even stay at #1 for 2 weeks!!!

My missus is so proud, as will my mam be.

I dunno… free driving lessons? GRAZIA magazine? Where will it end?

Loose Women? Strictly Come Dancing, probably. The sky's the limit!!!!!

In other news… The gig last night at the legendary Massey Hall was great. Most enjoyable. Even had a good laugh with the audience. Looking forward to tonight.

It's raining, by the way.

In a bit.



13.06.12 09:13
Funny how Strictly Come Dancing DID happen.
24.04.12 17:29
i am your mam.
04.01.12 16:48
keep up the good work
23.11.11 03:01
Noel, Canada is warmer during the Summer months. Could you not just pop over the border while you are in USA? Its not far y'know. Please consider. Maybe I can arrange a house gig for you.
21.11.11 06:23
You're #1 on my list too! This post was freaking hilarius!
19.11.11 03:52
i had no idea how hot Noel was until i saw the website pics. nice. thanks for that. eye candy along with the new tunes, which is my first of even knowing the man is alive along with great art. reguards to your mum, noel for hatching you.
16.11.11 19:21
It's that Steve McQueen vibe. All you needs a fast machine....
14.11.11 04:44
That show was Amazing..... and being a witness to that oddly strange man love... even I was bewildered and frightened!!! congrats on the Lust Topping!!!
12.11.11 22:27
The good readers of Grazia only speak the truth :-) xx
12.11.11 16:06
You're my #1 baby! So f*ckin' hot!


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