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Somewhere along the way my suitcase had an accident
19.06.2012 13:24
Somewhere along the way my suitcase had an accident

Yes comrades.

So . . . that England game was an epic encounter. Great atmosphere. Good laugh and all.

Caught an early flight the next morning with a load of glum looking swedes to Stockholm. Did a show at that Hultsfred Festival. It was ok . . . nothing more. Think the crowd enjoyed it more than I did which really is all that matters innit? Legged it straight off stage to a waiting private jet what took us to Denmark. 

Somewhere along the way my suitcase had an accident. It looked like it had been run over by a tractor when it finally got to my room. Shampoo everywhere!!! A right fucking mess. The festival in Denmark was an odd one. It seemed like it was in the middle of a housing estate. Cold, windy and grey. The rain came later. The gig itself was mega. Don't know why . . . it just was. Left the stage to light drizzle. Snow Patrol had to deal with that though!!

Got straight in a car and off to Copenhagen for a day off. Didn't do much except somehow catch a bastard cold. Not feeling too clever at all. Off to Gdansk tomorrow. It’ll be my first ever time in Poland.

Looking forward to it.




14.10.12 09:14
It was amazing seeing you twice in Denmark! So lucky :) Thanks for coming boss! :)
04.09.12 22:26
Why do I find out NOW that you played here in june?!
23.06.12 21:42
i wanna smell your shampoo ♥ hahahahahahaha :) i love you chief!
21.06.12 09:56
Too bad the jacket Noel bought in Japan wasn't in his suitcase (well, I'm just guessing), otherwise the shampoo might have helped remove the ink!!!
21.06.12 08:37
what a @#$*! =)
20.06.12 21:11
jaysus don't you be sick next Tuesday :(
20.06.12 14:55
Which is your shampoo?!?!?! ahah that's like that old question about your CAT :D ahha LOVE YOU NOEL! Your Italian cellist fan!
20.06.12 12:01
Poland is waiting for you! You will see that Poland is beautiful country where people love you and your music !
20.06.12 11:09
Sad to hear the weather was @#$*!e! Ironicly, the weather's not to bad where I am in England...for now! I hope your cold clears up so you can enjoy Poland. My Mum and I have got a cold too, it's a @#$*!! Have fun in Poland, all the best from good old blighty!!!!
20.06.12 10:01
So happy to see you first time in Poland! as you missed the concert in Warsaw 12 year ago:( but we were waiting! :)


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