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Some young 'uns did get a bit excited . . .
29.06.2012 17:47
Some young 'uns did get a bit excited . . .

So . . . now then . . . yes comrades!!

I've been having so much fun that I've forgotten to send one of these things for ages. Sorry 'bout that but you know how it is (or maybe you don't?)!

Anyway let's see what I can remember eh? So, if my memory serves me correct I was in Stuttgart, in Germany, with a dirty little cold worrying over whether to pull the following night’s gig or not? Is that right? You tell me? I think so. Got dosed up on hot whiskey and Lemsip (the blackcurrant ones!) and sleeping tablets (to be taken responsibly young 'uns . . . just saying). Woke up the next afternoon in a very damp bed, freezing cold. It did the trick though. Felt well enough to get up and get down (so to speak!) and lo and behold the gig was fucking mega! The wiggers had done the trick!! Onwards to Hamburg feeling much better. Another day on the hot wiggers and Lemsip and ANOTHER top show! Who'd’ve thought? Not me that's for sure.

Think we had three gigs in a row which is unusual (for me anyway) and the next one was a big one . . . that Isle of Wight Festival. Reports on the news made it sound like some kind of recreation of a 1st World War battlefield. Now, I've never been to the Isle of Wight, so I was looking forward to it very much. Woke up in the New Forest and yes!!! The sun was out! It was actually sunny!! So much so that me and Nancy went for a lovely little middle-class walk amongst the flowers and the bushes and the trees and the horses . . . actually that might have been the day after . . . not sure, but I do remember walking amongst the flowers and the bushes and the trees and the horses.

You have to get a ferry to the Isle of Wight and I'll tell you something comrades, it was most pleasant. We even went up on deck and took photos . . . of what I'm not quite sure but photos were taken all the same. We had ANOTHER great show . . . the third great show in a row, which is unusual (for me anyway). This drinking whiskey malarkey is fucking MEGA!! Great crowd although some young 'uns did get a bit excited and lighted up a few flares and one did get lobbed on stage but no damage done and it added a bit of chaos to the proceedings which is no bad thing. That fella "the Boss" approved 'cause he was watching from the side of the stage and was laughing his little head off!!

So then we had a day off in the New Forest. The hangover wasn't too bad. More than manageable. Flew into the great city of Dublin that night for a gig the next day with them Red Hot Chilli Peppers and guess what? ANOTHER GREAT SHOW!!! That must be some kind of record? It must be. I can't ever remember doing 4 GREAT gigs in a row? Considering 5 days prior to that I was gonna call the doctor out for I sick-note, I'm pretty fucking impressed!!!

The singer from that band U2 came to see us with that fella Danger Mouse. It was great to see 'em. We had to leg it early though, back to London for an all too brief visit to see Bunny Dread and the Mighty I . . . that was yesterday . . . and today I'm in the very wet city of Oslo in Norway.

And that comrades . . . is that! You can consider yourself up to speed.

No doubt tonight's gig will be shite.

I will let you know.




(pic: Isle of Wight Festival)


18.10.12 02:53
I would suck you silly
17.07.12 20:19
Hi Noel Fredsowner here (chris/fred's my beloved moggy,so I'm FRED's OWNER) loved seeing you at T in the Park, you were brill, plus my partner is one of your oldest fans, George who is 75 yrs young, love to you and the family. (I am not that old, only 53).
16.07.12 21:23
Your gig on the Hurricane Festival was brilliant!
08.07.12 12:33
Class at the Isle of Wight as usual, sir. 3rd time I've seen you this year alone!!
07.07.12 17:03
i'm glad to watched & listened 'Isle of Wight Festival' and 'AbsoluteRadio interview' many times*~*!! iwas sooo impressed your great live performance!! and i'm glad to hear you recover from bad cold!!
02.07.12 23:40
love your stories noel and lemsip relly does work
02.07.12 12:53
Went an watched stone roses heaton park sat beady eye supporting very unimpressed felt a little sorry for them as last time i went there oasis were headlining an the only time the crowd went was when the sung the oasis tracks Rock an Roll star the highlight
01.07.12 17:20
i love you!
01.07.12 17:18
so that me and Nancy went for a lovely little middle-class walk amongst the flowers and the bushes and the trees and the horses [ :(! ]!
01.07.12 02:27
You're awesome Noel!!!! Greetings from México :)


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