Noel Gallagher

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'People live here, you know? Actually LIVE here!!!!!'
14.02.2012 17:34
'People live here, you know? Actually LIVE here!!!!!'


Now then, that gig last night was just as I thought it was gonna be… A bit big, a bit loud, a bit, well… difficult.

Having not played arenas for a few years the step back up the ladder comes as a bit of an unwanted pain in the arse-hole!! I suppose I best get used to it and quickly, eh?

Still, there were some echoes of familiarity though… A big punch up down the front during the third song!! Reminded me of them good old days.

I had to laugh though when I reminded all the boys and girls in the crowd that it was Valentine's Day today… There were a few booos!!! They booed a day??!!

Got off-stage to the incredible news that Carlos Tevez is to return to Man City!!!! I speak to all supporters of MCFC here when I say try not to boo him. We shouldn't be booing our own players, no matter what stunts they might have pulled. We're on course for glory. We don't need him but it might just make the run in a little less stressful… If we must let him know how we feel then we should sing Mancini's name even louder than usual… That'll do for now.

You currently find me in Aberdeen… The coldest place on earth.

People live here, you know?

Actually LIVE here!!!!!





04.03.12 07:07
Noel still use the word: Unbelievable :D
25.02.12 02:33
Lots of people live cos you can make @#$*!loads of money and there are loads of strip bars!
25.02.12 02:28
Been a fan since first hearing Wonderwall. Missed out on Oasis live for some reason so gig was extra top special. Looking forward to Amorphous stuff. If it's anything like the Falling Down remix I'm sure we're in for a right old treat.
22.02.12 20:28
Cool @ AECC & nice 2 c u on plane up from MAN !!
21.02.12 09:50
what a night at the aecc, after all our mishaps when we arrived in aberdeen, noel made it all good, what a gig will never forget it, and the fact it was valentines made it the best ever valentines me and hubby have ever had in the 14 years together! :)
17.02.12 23:44
America, Cleveland Ohio especially, will probably NEVER be so fortunate to host Noel & The High Flying Birds. Pretty sad- we'd pay whatever you ask and be grateful- BYW, the new LP is kickass. Well written and room to progress and experiment while staying within the confines of the band. Keep up the GREAT work and I and many other Americans look forward to your arrival.
17.02.12 22:35
The MEN gig was great. Perhaps first nights are always a bit............... finding your feet in a different setting again. By the time we get to see you again in Liverpool all those memories of playing arenas will be back, you'll be nice & comfy and twice as awesome!! Keep touring and we'll keep turning up. All Hail to the Chief :-))
17.02.12 18:56
We were right next to the punch up in the third song... I kid you not people, tears were shed. TEARS?! Was the missus' first gig (Valentines Day treat) and loved it. Tnaks, see ya later.
17.02.12 17:03
I'm sorry Noel, I love yer music and all (in fact you are my greatest influence), but I hope Man City chokes, GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!! lol :) Cheers from LA
17.02.12 13:26
from where I was sitting Manchester was an amazing gig !! see you at the o2 xxxxxxxxx


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