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'Out of nowhere and without warning she starts singing...'
18.01.2012 10:00
'Out of nowhere and without warning she starts singing...'


So did some mad Japanese breakfast TV show yesterday. It was bizarre to say the least. Hosted by a female comedian… what do you call them again, comedienne, or summat?

Anyways, the interview went like what they do… the usual Q's followed by the usual A's when out of nowhere and without warning (actually there may have been a warning… hard to tell over here!) she starts singing that song by Mariah Carey (or is it Dolly Parton?), "I Will Always Love You"!!!!! She wasn't holding back either, she fuckin' belted it out. So she sings a chorus and a verse and the big fuck off ending… then… silence… Not so much as a titter from the studio audience… Nothing… I FUCKIN' LOVE THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!

The actual gig was really very good. Not only was it shocking to get back up to speed so quick, it was right up there with the best so far!

My new biggest fan, that little girl was there again. She had the same clothes on (stinky little fish!!). She reiterated that she is indeed quite fond of me while holding up a letter for me like a religious artifact… strange kid.

Gotta go. I've been up since 4.30am and I'm still running late… How can that be????




16.06.12 02:36
Its Whitney Houston singing a Dolly Parton song:)
23.04.12 20:54
@my2riam you tried twice and failed to spell Whitney...
23.04.12 20:54
@my2riam you tried twice and failed to spell Whitney...
23.01.12 16:38
I've been in some oasis gigs since 98 but first time i saw him so happy and having on the stage, playing and joking with the audience. Also talking to that girl that he mentioned. I guess Tim didnt like much when Noel was joking with his name: hes american but hes nice guy Noel said. Hahaha. I had a great time that tuesday. Best version of dlbia ive ever heard at end of the gig. I wish he could play Shout it out loud. I hope he incudes it in May when he will be back here. Cheers.
23.01.12 15:33
The language of this entry sounds like a parody of Noel Gallagher, 'derrrr comedienne or whatever the bird ones are called"... Urghhh. I should know, I used to be a copywriter.
23.01.12 11:55
This is Withney Houston, not Mariah Carrey!
23.01.12 11:55
This Wihtney Hoiston, not Mariah Carrey!
20.01.12 12:47
Coming to see you on the 26th Feb at the 02 cant wait its my Husbands birthday, he loves you so do I, our first wedding dance was Champagne Supernova!
20.01.12 02:03
20.01.12 02:00
Noel...this tales are the best.... so funny and crayzy ... thanks for posting


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