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Right in the middle of one particular stall was a t-shirt that simply said...SEXY BITCH!!
16.03.2012 09:42
Right in the middle of one particular stall was a t-shirt that simply said...SEXY BITCH!!


Well now it has been a long time hasn't it?  About a week or so?  Fuck knows.  I'll try and recall some of the best bits for you.

Berlin!!  Never really got to see much of that place down the years and if I did it was under cover of darkness.  I had a much better look around this time though.  Very beautiful indeed - the sunny weather might have had something to do with it, but to say it was virtually destroyed during that Second World War it still has some magnificent sights.  The gig itself was great I think.  I do remember the soundcheck being the the worst I've ever, ever done, truly appalling.  The gig was mega though...oh yeah...and there was some bird down the front with a placard that read something like...PLEASE COME TO THE LEBANON!  WE LOVE YOUR HIGH FLYING BIRDS!

The Lebanon eh?  Might give that a miss...

Now...Munich?  Not much going on there as I remember.  Cold, wet and windy.  The end.

Rome on the other hand was magnificent.  Rome is magnificent, I fucking LOVE that place!!  One of the greatest places on earth, no question.  Pity I was working though.  The sun was out, the streets were full, the only thing missing was my good lady wife, she'd have been in her element!!

The gig was equally as magnificent.  Those kids break all kinds of records for the loudest, most passionate, most intense, most...most mostest fans in the world!!  Crazy kids.  They are mithering fuckers though..."one picture, please sign, one picture, please sign, one picture, please sign, one picture, please sign, one picture, please sign, one picture, please sign, one picture, please sign, one picture, please sign, one picture, please sign, one picture, please sign..."

...and that was just the hotel staff!!

Outside the gig they have A LOT of bootleg t-shirt stalls.  I had to drive through them to get to the backstage area bit upon where I saw many, many t-shirts bearing my name and face etc.  Right in the middle of one particular stall though was a t-shirt that simply said...SEXY BITCH!!

Now it remains unclear as to who or what this particular item was referring to.  I'd like to think it may have had a little picture of me on the back...or my drummer!!

Took the train to Milan the day after that for a little one of those acoustic gigs I do from time to time.  Not the best I have to say, I just wasn't in the mood somehow.

Caught another train to Zurich the next day.  What a ride!!  Up and over the Alps, magnificent scenery.  T'was all too beautiful (as Steve Marriott once sang).  Unfortunately the gig was a shocker.  Without doubt the worse I've ever done, just piss poor.  The crowd loved it though which somehow made it even worse.  An unsatisfactory end to a great little tour.

You currently find me in the most depressing hotel in all of Europe.  Flying home today...10 days off!!

See you in America.






03.05.12 16:13
You love Rome, I love Rome. How about we go together Noel?
10.04.12 16:39
Come on... Munich wasn't that bad... Why didnt you give that stupid pick to that guy in the front row?
03.04.12 14:46
Chief, go to Lebanon, you won't regret it! Beirut is amazing and the people are the most fun loving I've ever met! And don't get me started on the women!
30.03.12 03:53
We´re waiting for you in Argentina!!! Confirm as soon as possible please!!! I love you
27.03.12 16:50
Argentina is waiting for you to confirm the the dates of the gigs!!!! ♥!!
27.03.12 09:52
when are you going to confirm Argentina? we've been waiting for ages to see you again!
27.03.12 03:07
yeah well u can give the Lebanon a miss but u wont know what your missing lol...i'm not from Lebanon but its a beautiful country.
27.03.12 00:47
Waiting for u .. Argentina
25.03.12 20:30
7 days till I see you in Chicago and I cannot wait!!! Riding the train for 14 hrs with the lady friend to get a glipmse of your awesomeness!!! It will be the greatest show......EVER!!! Btw, did you know your mates from Kasabian will be in town for their own gig the day after you?? Wonder if they'll be in the crowd. Anyway, I have only seen you once with Oasis in Toronto back in 2002 --f%$^in'ell!! Ten years ago!!-- after that awful car accident. They were definitely not the best Oasis years. I have waited to see you ever since then and what better occasion than now? Truly ecstatic to you this side of the pond. See ya next Sunday Chief!!!!
25.03.12 11:19
Ur so old school man. Those shirts have been popular for the past 3 years or something


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