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Off to the Ukraine today
12.06.2012 11:57
Off to the Ukraine today

Yes comrades. . .


Festival season is upon us. Non-stop now. Flying here, there and everywhere.


You currently find me in the great city of Moscow. Did a festival last night with that band The Cure and a load of other bands no-one's ever heard of (Everything Is Made In China?? Nope me neither!!). Had a pretty good one. Not sure the Cure fans down the front enjoyed it though. They did look a bit miserable it has to be said. I enjoyed it anyway so fuck 'em!! Seemed to be more police there than punters.


Legged it early to watch the England-France game. Not bad. Not great but not bad. Off to the Ukraine today . . . Kiev to be exact. Never been out that far. Gonna be hot, hot, hot by all accounts!!


Enjoy the rain back home suckers!!!!!