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'My work here is done...'
06.02.2012 12:19
'My work here is done...'


Well that's it my work here is done. I have to say I've had a great time.

I love you Australia. Although you are built on a basic principal of petty crime, backpacking, casual labour (usually bar work and mainly in London, around Earls Court and Shepherds Bush), you are full of brilliant nonsense like Aussie news, shoe-stealing anarchists, Aussie country music, drunk people throwing dead fish, the oldest neon sign in the Southern Hemisphere, colossal American TV from the 80s, and bugs the size of Ronnie Corbett.

We'll meet again. No 'bout a doubt it.




26.03.12 17:56
Noel, I'm a bit late to the party here, but i contribute this to being a bit computilliterate. Loved the Adelaide gig, only really went to BDO to see you and your band. I was, what......3 rows back from front of stage, so @#$*!ed I could hardly stand but remember every minute of it. fantastic. went home to the parents to let them know I can die happy, because my numer one musician since the age of 8 has played live and i got to see it. im nearly 23 now and just hope to get along and see another HFB gig. love your work, excuse the gushing. bye for now.
20.03.12 02:34
OMG---Rita F scares me....
17.02.12 14:46
we love u too noel. be sure o see u later this year?? with your new psychedelic outfit!
16.02.12 14:32
13.02.12 05:41
Thanks again Noel for 2 great shows in Melbourne :) come back soon
11.02.12 17:23
I love the way Noel writes! Does you always think what you re going to write?? It's often so specific. Please upload new one soon!! I can't wait. I can't forget Australia's shoes!!!
11.02.12 14:59
A bunch of @#$*!ing nutbags posting here!!!
11.02.12 12:54
So, on Monday we meet again. For the 5th time. I still recall every other 4: 15th of February 2009: Pavilhão Atlantico, Lisbon. I was 15, I thought I was someone but I was pretty miserable. I didn't care about music. Somehow you came to me, fell from the sky… You opened my eyes, my mind and my heart… you saved my life. I was never to look back after that night. Five people on a stage playing music - nothing more, nothing less. I can still hear your voice and how it spoke to me so clearly, even though I couldn't even see your face. I became 'mad fer it' as they call it. I became who I am. 12th of July 2009: Wembley Stadium. To this day, still the best night of my life. A dream come true, the first out of many. God knows how I fought for it, and I got it! And secret unveiled - I learned my lesson! I was right there, right in front of you, singing every word. This time I knew it all! I knew it was the last chance, I felt it and I knew I had to take it. It broke my heart to see two separate worlds on that stage… two worlds that together formed my world, mine and that of so many others! They used to be one, at least in my dreams. Still, to this day, best day of my life. 26th of September 2010: somewhere in the streets of London. Luck does not exist. I wanted to see you, and I wanted it for one reason and one reason only: love. And I believed it, no matter how crazy it was, even if I was in Portugal. And I got it. Finally I was meeting the man whose voice was always there for me, the man that always picked me up whenever I was falling down. No witness will ever be able to describe the magic in what happened that day. Once again, you saved me and you showed me that you will always be there. You never left me alone, you were there. 23rd of October 2011: Apollo, Manchester. Yes, Manchester. Your home that is now becoming my home, the city. True love, and true passion. True stuff. You came, yet again, at a time I needed to be saved. And you saved me. Now it's 2012, they say the world is going to end. I'm a new person, and I'm going alone this time. I don't mind being alone. I am finally in the right place, got rid gf all the ghosts and happiness seems like it's for granted. It's me and the Rock & Roll dream. Nobody knows what will be… but it's coming! And it's not the end of the world!
11.02.12 12:11
Dont leave it so long again please. We miss you and Australia loves the brits for sending us to this beautiful country for the petty crimes my great, great, great, great, great, great, great ,great Aunt commited and Yes I worked in a pub but in Liverpool not London I dont go with crowd I prefer northerners anyway they are way hotter lmao.
11.02.12 09:02
Hi Noel had a brilliant time at the gig in St Kilda. I am heading to Dublin in June and cant get the link on this site to work for tickets to the Dublin concert on 26/6/12. How else can I get tickets????


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