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'Let me start by wishing all of y'all a happy, happy new year.'
15.01.2012 11:30
'Let me start by wishing all of y'all a happy, happy new year.'

Comrades… Let me start by wishing all of y'all a happy, happy new year.

I'm in the great city of Tokyo, in the great nation of Japan.

Got a couple of gigs here before I move on to Australia and New Zealand. Somewhat predictably it's freeeeeeeezing.

Did manage a little bit of kip last night which is always a nice bonus out here.

Looking forwards to this 2012 business. If this year is half as good as last year then I might actually retire. What would be the point in carrying on??

And in any case, ain't the world supposed to end this year?? Fuck the Mayans, I say!!!

You currently find me watching the NFL play-offs. Mega game. 49'ers - Saints. Japanese commentary!! Very mad!!!




17.02.12 18:38
Noel you also have fans in Ecuador! i just made a band and i get all the inspiration from u men, my name is Carlos and if you could please reply me i would be so happy, also if you could give some tips of how to write @#$*!ing good songs haha, it would be amazing. YOU @#$*!ING RULE MAN! KEEP ON! please answer :(
07.02.12 12:55
agreee auliarizda, just come to Indonesia noel...
26.01.12 23:28
stop being so @#$*!in lazy!! We need more Noel Gallagher @#$*!
18.01.12 17:50
Well it's @#$*!in' freezin' here in Edinburgh, hopefully the weather will be better when you come to play at the Castle in the summer - Can't wait ! Got the gig at the SECC first and can't wait, even if it is in Glasgow. Peace out.
18.01.12 15:47
WTF retiring?? ur kidding rite?
17.01.12 15:43
@#$*! heads
17.01.12 00:36
No worries about the world ending this year Noel.. One of your movie idols, Marty McFly, traveled to the year 2015 remember! :D:D:D
16.01.12 20:38
cant wait for friday man !!! see ya in auckland. be rude not to play slide away eh ?
16.01.12 13:00
Happy happy new year.. looking forward to the next album :D Hope you enjoy the gigs over there in the east! (come back to Amsterdam soon, please, haha!) Take care!
16.01.12 11:57
Happy New Year Noel have fun in Auckland. I was in NZ this time last year, pity I can't be there this year


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