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'It's too long to go into here, but I've dined out on it regularly.'
17.11.2011 10:00
'It's too long to go into here, but I've dined out on it regularly.'

Yes comrades… What up?

Well, they were 2 great nights at the Beacon in NYC. Yet another beautiful old theatre. Really stunning. Met some wildly enthusiastic fans. One or two were very intense. Someone actually squeezed my arm so much it fuckin' hurt!!

I met people from all over the blimmin' world and was introduced to a little dog called "NOEL", who had been "…named after you, man!!!!!!", the owner said by shouting at me… (Hmm… Thanks for that).

There was also a proper young lad down the front at one of the shows; I swear he couldn't have been more than 10 years old!! He was waving a little placard that said simply, "DREAM ON NOEL". I hope he was accompanied by a responsible adult.

Didn't get that messy in the end. My party wings have been well and truly clipped by this singing malarky… singing's rubbish!!!!

Landed at LAX last night and was pounced upon by one of those TV crews that hound celebrities. Not that I consider myself one of those types, but you know the kind of thing I'm on about, right?

Anyway, this tool was persisting in asking me silly questions. Here's an example…

“Do you like LA? What do you think of Katie Holmes? Did she give you the cold shoulder? What do you think of Tom Cruise???”

(For the record I FUCKIN' LOVE Tom Cruise.)

“What do you think of Scientology?” And bizarrely… “What do you think of Morrissey?... Is he the greatest ‘Man-chew-nion’ ever?”

Also, for the record, Frank Sidebottom is the greatest Mancunian ever.

I'm currently back at what has become a very familiar residence for me of late. I spent the best part of three months here while I was recording and mixing the HFB album. I met royalty here!! The King of Tonga, no less!!! An actual King!!! Have I told you this story?? It's too long to go into here, but I've dined out on it regularly.

The sun is shining. All is good.

See you at the gigs, if you're coming. They're at the Royce Hall. I'm on at 9. Do not be late.

In a bit.



21.09.12 19:15
The story abtou the King of Tonga is in some interview on youtoube. Can't remember which one it was. @#$*!in hilarious though!
08.12.11 14:12
I wish I could of made it to nyc
03.12.11 14:57
Met you in the day at the adidas shop in soho and i was a jibbering reck lol just got tickets for when you play nottingham only 5mins down the road and not 7 hour flight but it was well worth it. thankyou for a great gig
01.12.11 18:49
Came from Plymouth with the Doris to watch the Tuesday gig an had my head bent. Sonic gig, sonic venue.
29.11.11 10:49
great show, great venue at beacon, thanks for the songs and the memories NG
27.11.11 19:49
I'm sure I remember you saying on the Lord Don't Slow Me Down DVD that you thought Tom Cruise was a @#$*!? What's changed? haha
27.11.11 12:13
I'm going to name my future cat "Noel" too, i mean it. I can't have it now, my mom doesn't want it in our house
25.11.11 11:05
Cheers for coming to Cardiff mate! Got my two this morning. Great Chrissie Prezzie for the missus! Took ages to get through to the arena. It reminded me of when Oasis came to the arena the first time after the release of Morning Glory when me and a mate from work did relays on the phone until we finally got through.
23.11.11 20:01
unfortunately couldn't get tix for any of HFB gigs. :-(.............have to settle for live showings on telly......JOOOOOOOLS!!
21.11.11 20:22
Tom Cruise sucks man. He's obnoxious as @#$*! thinking of himself the greatest of today's actors


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