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'I'm here to love your country and its people until they love me back equally... sir.'
09.11.2011 20:30
'I'm here to love your country and its people until they love me back equally... sir.'

Yes comrades.

That gig last night was a bit odd, eh? It was good like, just not as good as the night before. Not got to the bottom of why, it just didn't seem to fly for me. Never mind… can't be great every night, can you?

I'll say adios, or even au revoir to you Canadian people. Thanks for coming out, etc., and we'll see yiz soon.

I noticed summat strange on the menu this morning as I was ordering breakfast. You know sometimes they have specific kinds of pretentious breakfasts on the menus? i.e. "Power Breakfast" (for people who need more power, presumably?), "The Healthy Breakfast" (for people who don't do breakfast), etc…

Well, there was one on the menu which really, in hindsight, I should of had just to see if there would've been any obvious benefits from it. It was called - and I'm not even remotely taking the piss here… - "THE FAST AND FURIOUS BREAKFAST" (for men that do the Haka).

Ok… the bit about the Haka is made up. It basically consisted of coffee... that's it! Anyway, I didn't try it, me being mid-paced and content and all that.

We flew into the United States of America this afternoon, which gave me the opportunity to resume the never-ending battle of wits with the border police.

Rozzer: "What is the purpose of your visit, sir?"

Me: "I'm here to love your country and its people until they love me back equally… sir."

Rozzer: "You're free to go."

Me: "Thanks very much."

We're in NYC. The greatest city in all of the world. Not playing here until next weekend though, just a flying visit.

Two days of relentless promo. I've actually just looked at the schedule and it's ludicrous. 12 bastard hours of it!!!!! What more do you people need to know?

There's actually a thing called "VH1 LIVE BREAKFAST" at 7am, or summat!!! It wouldn't surprise me in the fuckin' least if I'm woken up by a film crew and some shiny happy presenter who's come to interview me while I'm in my full Man City kit eating my granola… I'd best check that's not actually gonna happen.

Playing on that David Letterman show tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

I'll pass on your bests, eh?




30.11.11 14:47
I am here to love you and your band until you love me equally... Noel.
26.11.11 11:05
I am going to be my best mate's best man, next year and as a thank u, my mate has bought me tickets for the Edinburgh Castle Gig, Cant Fukcin wait !!!!! cmon. Best gift I have had so far !!
23.11.11 03:05
Noel. I'm not sure the will of one fan, a man such as I, can convince you to come to Canada but I will try regardless. Please visit Canada, Regina is supposed to be the Queens city you know. You've probably never been there so for that reason its probably a great idea.
17.11.11 17:03
This album, the genius of it is how, seemingly without flaw, it just simply flows man...I listened to it three times in a row when i first got my hands on it washed over me in such a way that only some of those classic albums in history have (to me anyway)...I totally lose myself in this album without any concentration or even realizing what I'm hearing until its over and then its like...woah..that was a trip...lets play it again!
17.11.11 04:54
Well, a 4 hour drive which should usually only take about 3, and not getting through the doors of Massey Hall until 9:45 to find people - of course - had hijacked our seats...The "usher" didnt give a @#$*! and we ended up in 2nd balcony seats where we couldnt even see the drummer...Its hard to say I'm sad about what we missed,, but we don't know what we missed? (and dont really wanna know) happy to hear what we heard is as good as i can say... I love the album, I love the passion of the guys in the band backing noel...well, most of them (ahem)...I didnt see the whole show so i can't say for sure, but from what I heard I can play circles around that other guitarist...and who cares? ha, lets just say that dood is a far cry from the chemistry between Noel and poor old Gem....this other dood didnt feel right, i felt like taking a shoe off and throwing it at him after a few songs... Band chemistry is off just a little because of one person lacking in someway... (just my own perception and overall feel of what i heard, and felt..sorry if it dont make sense to you, maybe i dont know what i'm talkin about...if you ever played in a band then you know what good and bad band chemistry feels like, and its subjective, and not always good, nor bad with the same people every time)
14.11.11 10:45
Lost Souls
13.11.11 17:57
Just read another post.... not sure I would consider the 'where's Liam', 'whens the reunion', 'apple or ipod' and 'thoughts on Patsy Kensit' heckling.
13.11.11 17:54
Amazing show, and the second night was a great vibe and one of the best shows I've seen from Noel (I've seen him 12 times with Oasis).
13.11.11 15:52
SECOND NIGHT AT MASSEY HALL WAS EPIC...besides the one goof in the front! But the live acoustic at the MOD was best for me...NOEL you are the man, Come back to TO asap!! Cheers!!
13.11.11 04:00
second night as massey was great! the show rocked. thanks noel for the autograph on monday after sound check :-) it was an honour to meet you, the new album is top notch, instant classic..thanks again! it was well worth the trip from the east coast (nova scotia) to toronto for the gig...cheers


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