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'I'd somehow managed to nick a giant shoe and ended up with an £8,000 watch!'
24.02.2012 10:00
'I'd somehow managed to nick a giant shoe and ended up with an £8,000 watch!'


Well… Can't remember when the last time was we spoke… To be honest I'm having trouble remembering anything after the BRITs! What a smash up!! Well enjoyed it. It'll probably be the last time I ever get nominated so we were pretty determined to rip it a new arsehole, and from what I can gather we had a right good crack at it too. It's all got a bit too slick that thing now though, it's treated with a bit too much respect, if you ask me… It is but a TV show with a few awards carved up and spread around… And if I'm not very much mistaken did I detect the faint whiff of a few wrong 'uns miming? I think I did… You know who you are and you should be ashamed of yourselves. I digged Coldplay though, and Blur and Olly Murs' dancers!! (Blimey!!!)

As for what went on after? Reports are still coming in. I remember going to a party on a boat. I remember going to another party in a posh gaff in the West End. I remember getting that comedian Rob Brydon to do his thing for us (which was fuckin' funny). I remember… well not much else, to be honest. Called it a day at about 10am!! Proper old school business. Didn't get home until 5pm the next evening and I'd somehow managed to nick a giant shoe and ended up with an £8,000 watch!!! And I don't even wear a watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Felt as bad as I've ever felt yesterday. I was seriously thinking of phoning in sick. I needn't have worried though. Last night's gig here in Newcastle was mega… Might have been the best one yet. Had a top laugh with the crowd. A great night. If you were there, I thank you.




23.04.12 20:21
05.04.12 18:40
The Newcastle gig was bloody amazing, the sound was spot on! Ive seen ALOT of bands but ive never felt it like i did, the music moved me and during Supersonic i got emotional! NOEL GALLAGER YOU ARE UP THERE WITH THE BEST MUSICIANS ENGLAND HAS EVER PRODUCED!
05.03.12 13:27
Newcastle was mega mate my feet were killing me and i lost my voice, sure signs of a classic gig. my claim to fame is i started the "who the @#$*! are beadie eye" chant cheekie i know but class all the same.
04.03.12 14:54
Oh Noel Noel Noel i'm so disappointed!! I've just seen a video where you meet Super Mario and i haven't see the famous kiss you had flunt all over the world!! i don't even seen a little thin tip of a tongue!!! are you become shy? My You Porn loading became slow, and i just want to see some bustle!! Blimey !!!!:D :D
03.03.12 15:31
Went to the NIA in Birmingham on thursday to see Noel - absolutley brilliant show, best night ever!!! Loved AKA...What A Life, Everybody's On The Run, Stranded On The Wrong Beach & Little By Little - was good to hear few Oasis tunes too - Wish had done The Masterplan but was still great night....Well Done Noel - ur the best x
02.03.12 21:02
My best mate went to the newcastle gig can't wait to see you in september noel :) counting down the days:)
02.03.12 02:13
you are not even close to confirm your gig in Argentina, but here, right now I am telling you, your gig, will be amazing, And when you come into the stage, THAT will be the best moment of my life.. and I repeat you, you're not even close to confirm your gig in my country, but im sure, you read it? im sure.. you would be awesome. Here in Argentina there is a woman who loves you and your fantastic music.. God bless you Noel Gallagher.
29.02.12 15:35
I was at the Newcastle gig, Noel you were amazing. It was one of the best gigs I have been too and the atmosphere was brilliant!!
28.02.12 20:07
Top, top night Noel. Best gig i've been to, thanks very much.
27.02.12 22:03
The Newcastle gig was fantastic. You blew the roof off. The sound was amazing. Being a Mackem, the Sports Direct Arena gag was much appreciated.


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