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'I love this place, but that's insane...'
11.12.2011 13:20
'I love this place, but that's insane...'

Now then… Woke up yesterday to the news that there'd been - and I quote - a shooting rampage not five minutes from my hotel!!


Apparently some kid (27) just randomly shot seven people in the street before he was himself shot in the head by the cops!!!!

What the fuck?? I love this place, but fuck me, that's insane.

Had a three hour drive to the gig that was in San Diego. I have to say it was a rather enjoyable journey. Pacific coast highway, beautiful sunshine, listening to tunes on headphones for three hours? I forgot when the last time was I had the pleasure of that experience.

The gig was in some big fuck off arena. It was the local radio station's Christmas festival thing. They have a lot of them over here. They invite the acts that get the most airplay over the year and they must've been hammering the record. Haven't been invited to one for over 10 years, maybe even longer!!!! You only do 30 mins so it's a piece of piss and all. All the hits, thank you and goodnight.

Got another one tonight for that radio station KROQ? Looking forward to it. It's only up the street here so the journey won't be anywhere near as enjoyable but it'll have the added thrill of maybe getting shot at!!!

Wish me luck.

In a bit.



24.07.12 18:37
02.05.12 03:38
Welcome to America... Been quite a few shootings lately in San Francisco alone. Time to get out of this city...
17.01.12 04:07
por favor con cuidado que tenes que seguir deleitandonos con tu arte !!
14.12.11 23:34
That´s one of the reasons I Left the good´life in California, and moved to Germany! Even though there´s no surf here...
13.12.11 19:32
saw you in san diego for the 8th time in my life, gotta say, it sounded way better than ever...really, way to go..had a blast ..keep rockin.
13.12.11 18:31
greetings noel puttin up the tree and stuff with my 10 week old son james gettin ready for his first xmas and mine with a son c u in feb in manchester and lpool in sep ,ave a good xmas everyone
13.12.11 15:10
I agree with Malin....Thank you Noel for the wonderful time you gave us!! You are a Genius..the loved one! The one I love most...come To Brazil pls..
13.12.11 09:02
Don't be such a sissy Nono...
13.12.11 07:11
Make sure you wear your bullet proof cop vest Noel... LOL Best Wishes & Good Luck! X
13.12.11 06:31


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