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'I got my first bra thrown onstage!'
25.01.2012 10:00
'I got my first bra thrown onstage!'

Yes well... Been out of the game for a couple of days. Not sure if I can remember all of what's been happening. We shall see...

So... Where were we up to? The Gold Coast, I believe. That Big Day Out gig was pretty good, as I remember. It fucking pissed down though! Like a proper Biblical downpour. Fuck that!! Come to Australia, they said... It's their summer, they said... What a load of old bollocks.


There are many similarities between this place and old England, festival weather being one of them... What a fucking swizz. I even got my shoes muddy watching Kasabian... An outrage!!!!!!!!

Legged it straight off stage back to the hotel to watch Man City - Tottenham. We made hard work of it, but we got there in the end. Super Mario rolled in the winner with about 10 seconds left. What a druid that kid is.

So then... I had my own show here in Sydney a couple of nights ago. A truly great gig. The best one of the entire tour, no doubt about it!! They do like a sing-song down here. They was loud and proud... Gotta say though, it's a night that will live long in the memory for another reason. That being the night I got my first bra thrown onstage!! I was so proud, and the young lady should be too, if you know what I mean? Made me feel a bit like Tom Jones!!!!!

Met up with some old comrades from my well spent youth at the Hacienda. Tall tales were told and shit was talked into the small hours. Not sure what time 'time' was called, but I do know it was pissing down when we left!!

Woke up yesterday with a naughty hangover. Felt like a dead shit. It was still raining. What the fuck? Didn't do much. Stared out the window watching the rain. Reminded me of being on the dole back home in Manchester in the '80s.

It's Chinese New Year. The Year of the Dragon. My eldest son will be pleased. He LOVES dragons!

Went for a Chinese last night at a place called Marigold... Marigold?? What an odd name for a Chinese restaurant, no?? Anyway, as we were waiting for a table, that band UB40 walked in... Well I say UB40, it was deffo the singer cause I spoke to him. Not sure who the rest of them were, they deffo weren't the same firm that was on Top of the Pops in the '80s. Then about 5 mins later, in walks that singer and top dreadnought Billy Ocean!!! Caribbean Queen, and all that? No? Google him. Top food. Maybe some of the best I've ever had, and I've had a lot.

Woke up this morning... STILL FUCKING RAINING. Got another day off. 





19.02.12 14:44 deserving of a support slot at your gigs - The Moceans
03.02.12 06:10
Noel, I can't tell you how pleased me and the other half were when we found out your were coming to Oz!! We are Northerns born and bred and have grown up to rocking out to Oasis. Your new album is @#$*!ing brilliant's been worn out at my place. Anyway, we came to see you at Enmoure and Big Day out and you did NOT dissapoint. My man has been a life long fan and he was like a big bloody kid!! Much respect to you mate you truley are a LEG END!!!
30.01.12 09:05
Great gig and thanks for acknowledging those of us in Celtic tops when you did the dedication for AKA...What A Life
29.01.12 23:34
Wanna see some crazy crowd? Come to Rio!
28.01.12 14:29
Hahaha! Here in Brazil we have a singer (cheesy, but) that has a collection of no less than 15,000 panties thrown on stage by his fans ... You can get there! Kisses.
27.01.12 11:12
collect all the bra's. make a parachute. give it to coldplay. peace
27.01.12 06:19
Great set at the Gold Coast, I didn't even notice the rain being under the tent and being that @#$*!ed.
27.01.12 04:46
Hahaha congratulations for the bra Noel! :P Actually I was thinking of trowing my bra at the Japan gigs, but after all I didn't. Maybe I will do next time! LOL (just kidding)
27.01.12 00:58
Icky rain! Muddy shoes are almost as bad as wet socks! Though a bit of rain is nice. Your first bra, really?? That never happened before? you are going to get a ton, you'll be able to open up a it will be the knickers! (As long as they do not send up "Granny Pants" that could be interesting as well ) It is so strange the name of that restaurant, the word "Marigold" has been popping up all over in my life for the last week! And the patrons? Sounds like some sort of 80s dream.
26.01.12 22:59
Noel, you sound like my wife - we move to Australia form England and she is off with our two little uns and all she does is call me up at work to tell me 'its....STILL @#$*!ING RAINING.' Oh good gig by the way despite the rain.


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