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'I feel outraged, so for the record...'
05.02.2012 15:18
'I feel outraged, so for the record...'


Well, not a great deal going on.

Nothing to report, and normally I would wait until something happened before I mithered you, but someone has just made me aware of a headline they came across on this here Internet. Now 99 times out of 100 I wouldn't bother with such nonsense, but I feel outraged, so for the record...

There is a headline that implies that I am of the opinion that the years spent under the rule of that soon to be dead granny, Maggie Thatcher, was good for the soul. I've read the story and I must say it's very misleading; any great working class art, fashion, youth culture, etc., came to be IN SPITE of that woman and her warped right wing views, and NOT BECAUSE of them.

Also for the record, on the day that she dies we will party like it's 1989. Just so you know.




17.07.12 10:26
Margaret on the guillotine... When will you die? Please DIE!
17.07.12 10:26
Margaret on the guillotine... When will you die? Please DIE!
10.04.12 23:10
I just don't understand how you could say that about your dear ol' Gran Noel?! -it's like you never cared?! I bet you get tossers sending you music all the time -even now? -well alright: -It's not the places that you go -but the company you keep that makes the road worthwhile my friend :) TC. Onward! :)
24.02.12 19:59
Margret Thatcher was almost as bad of a leader as Ronald Reagan, how coincidental that they both became alzheimer's, one of the most costly diseases to society & the most common form of dementia, was it KARMA MAYBE?? Ironic that Reagan himself eliminated Government assistance, for that and other social, psychological diseases. Thats why so many social, psychologically ill people are homeless in the USA today. Reagan was the reason they were no longer taken care of in hospitals and clinics, and were suddenly out on the street .
20.02.12 20:28
I totally agree
20.02.12 15:15
I knew i could beat the swear barrier
20.02.12 15:14
Maggie thatcher is a phukkin kuntt!
19.02.12 17:29
Spot on! have a bash like the Ewoks out of Return of the Jedi, seems fitting as the rancid old @#$*!er seems to take the form of the emporer day by day. If the old bag gets a state funeral i should get one, the @#$*! i just dropped serves britain better than she ever did or will!
18.02.12 14:45
So would you recommend the Film? Ha!
17.02.12 05:01
Dancing on the dragon's grave we shall :)


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