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'How is your wife!!? Who is your cat!?
27.05.2012 21:32
'How is your wife!!? Who is your cat!?

Yes comrades. So where were we? What day is it today? Sunday? It is here anyway.


So . . . back to Friday was it? Or Saturday? Fucked if I know anymore . . . I've had about 16 hours kip in a week!! So spaced out now it's getting psychedelic (I used to pay £20 to feel like this back in the 80's!!). Right well . . . I remember waking up in Tokyo whenever it was. Beautiful day. Caught the bullet train to Osaka was it? Got man handled at the station by an increasingly hysterical crowd of well wishers. They don't half like to scream questions at you over here. It can be quite an experience. Like a medium level bad trip. I mean what are you supposed to say when crazy birds are SCREAMING into your face . . .




Eventually got prized into the train, shades all wonky . . . dying for a piss.


Lovely journey though. Through what looks like beautifully manicured countryside. None of your unkempt foliage here mate! It looks like that kids toy gear, that Playmobil stuff? Like little Lego toy towns! I'm not even joking, it was like being on a giant train set in fact. I'm sure the Mighty I has got half the towns we passed through!!! A couple of hours staring out the window is my idea of a top day out. Arrived in Osaka. Chaos ensued. Running, shouting. More fucking screaming questions . . .






Or was it the other way round (who is your wife and how is your cat??).


All very strange. A good laugh all the same though. The gig was great. The best one of the tour I reckon. Now, you know the girl what made the sign that says "NOEL OR DIE!!"? Well, she must have read the last post and bless her she'd only gone and sewn on two White arrows on the sign pointing to the "OR"!! She also had made for me a couple of t-shirts to celebrate Man City winning the league. She'd substituted the eagle on the City badge for a Simpsons caricature of my face . . . thanks very much etc . . . but on closer inspection in big bold championship style lettering it said . . . (and this is so fucking true it hurts):




Japan you are the bollocks.


See you next time.






15.06.12 14:02
Good girl. She took the @#$*! outta City without even realising. What ya listening to? any tips? Have you heard 'corner of an english field' by the tribes... check one comrade
11.06.12 03:43
youre in a reague of your own Noel
30.05.12 02:21
Happy Birthday Noel. Your music continues to get me through this life!!! Cheers and lets have a Stella, Bud or Guiness, whatever, next time you're in Toronto!! Love Carol
30.05.12 01:33
Happy birthday to the best musician and the sexiest living man on earth!! Thanks for everything you've given us during all these years, you and your music will live forever. Cheers to our godlike genius chief, love you very much!!!
30.05.12 00:17
Happy Birthday Noel!! My dear Godlike Genius... weeks ago I was standing outside a Chilean hotel waiting for you, feeling really sick because it was so freaking cold and I had slept 3 hours... but anyway, 2 hours later (at 6 am) I was right in front of you...speechless and the only thing I said was 'thank you for your music' and you look at me with a sweet face (maybe my face was so pathetic, freezing to death...) and you smiled and said "you're welcome, thank you very much"... and that was everything to me... I can't believe how tough your life was, and now you're everything you wanted to be... that's why you're my inspiration, your music has changed my life... so thank you, thanks for making the world a better place at least for me, because I can't imagine my days without your songs. "'Cause you're the only God that I'll ever need..." thank you, thank you, thank you and once again happy birthday! Kisses, Fernanda. (Santiago, Chile... come back soon!). P.S: Sorry, my English isn't very good, I'm still learning :)
29.05.12 23:49
Happy birthday Noel!!!!!!!!!! I wish you the best! :D
29.05.12 23:37
Happy Birthday, Chief!
29.05.12 22:58
Happy Birthday Mate...See You In Edinburgh...CONGRATS ON CITY'S WIN....Cheers !!!! USA
29.05.12 22:55
Happy bday Noel !!!!!!!!!!!! I admire you so much, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING GENIOUS. Enjoy your day, cheers from Argentina!! I love you
29.05.12 22:32
Happy birthday from Salt Lake City Utah! Thanks for the top show in Vegas! See you next time...


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