Noel Gallagher

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Hey man I don't mean to disrespect you . . .
03.04.2012 10:23
Hey man I don't mean to disrespect you . . .

Yes..well now then the gig in DC was OK. We ain't played for a couple of weeks so it always takes 3 or 4 gigs to get back into the groove so to speak. Our usual keyboard player (can't remember his name now) has stayed back home to help his wife have a kid, so his roadie has valiantly stepped into the breach to cover for him . . . . A bit of pain in the arse but we shall soldier on as best we can. Got a bit of a cold and all . . . with all that in mind the gig wasn't too bad. It was a good laugh anyway. Great crowd.


Bussed it overnight to the cultural centre of the middle of fucking nowhere, Columbus, Ohio. There is quite literally NOTHING going on here. Nothing to see. nothing to do. Had a gig here last night. Still not quite at full power but it was another fun night. Great crowd. They was chanting the stand-in keyboard players name by the end of the night . . . very funny (his name's Ben by the way).


Got a dirty little hangover today. Not nice, feel like a little lump of shit in fact but get on this . . . of all the people in all the world, have a guess who checked in to this hotel this morning? Go on have a guess . . . you'll never guess....................  only blimmin' Kasabian!!! What are the odds on that? Unbelievable!


Before I let you go I must tell you this story that has literally JUST happened to me. So . . . I'm just stood at some traffic lights waiting to cross the street when some guy slopes up to me . . .


"Hey man I don't mean to disrespect you”, (now that usually means you're about to be disrespected) “but you do realize you got a little 80's thing going on with your hair there?"


I was speechless.


"What do you call that style you got?"


I was without speech.


"You look like that . . . who was that muh-fucker pro-doocer who shot that bitch in the face?"


Erm..Phil Spector?


"Phil Spector! You look like Phil Spector!!"


Erm..thanks..(I don't know why I said thanks)


"Say . . . do you believe in Jesus?"


Seriously that just happened to me!!!!


I fucking love America.







03.07.12 03:58
Just stumbled upon this post and I can't tell you what a great show you and your band played for us in Wasgington DC at Warner Theatre. Great venure, great crowd and great experiene all around. Fourth time I've seen you but the first without Liam swaggering around stage - So much better.
08.04.12 11:48
I agree that the hairstyle has to go. It's too slick for an aged 43 year old bloke, I love the classic retro look that he and Liam adopted through the 90's. Really want to see Noel live, I've been an Oasis fan for years and have never really had the opportunity!
08.04.12 07:39
That is just when you wish you could slap the ignorant bastard! I would have said, Yes i know Jesus and if you don't shut the F*#^ up, you will too! And for the record, you do NOT look anything like Phil Spector! ;)
07.04.12 16:17
Great show at the Warner, Noel! Hope to catch you guys again soon.
07.04.12 12:28
Noel, I hate to say this, but I think you caught your cold from me...Sorry! I was the one who gave you, not only the cold, but the license plate that read LIV4EVR prior to the show in front of The Warner Theatre. I hope you like it. Also, great gig in DC...Epic show!!! If you caught a cold after going to one if his shows, Sorry about that!!!
07.04.12 12:01
It's by no chance, Kazabian are stalking you?
04.04.12 19:50
Noel, a great night. We drove from Pittsburgh to Columbus (about 200 miles) to see you a week early, then turned around when we realized we had been a week early. Then came back (of course) the day of. After the gig you asked if I was any good at writing songs... well, I am. If yer manager still has that CD check out Take This Gun and Milestone. And by the way... I caught your cold. I've given it away to some other people. I've told them it's Noel's Cold...
04.04.12 17:25
Love Kasabian! And you look NOTHING like Spector. Met him once right before the trial at a family friend's 70th birthday, and it was a very strange experience. Get out of middle America and make it back out to LA.
04.04.12 16:44
03.04.12 22:42
Hahaha! But it's not anything wrong with your haircut :) As it is now or in the beginning of Oasis career it's top notch but I saw pictures in some magasine when you were with Inspiral carpets, and that hair was not so sexy ;) But anyway, who did looking good in the 80's really?


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